Red Notice Review- Red Alert for the Viewers

Well, Netflix’s latest offering Red Notice is so bad that Tom Cruise’s The Mummy is a Schindler’s List to it. It is so pathetic that Matt Damon’s The Great Wall will appear to be The Pianist when you compare the two. The only reason I watched this on its first day of being aired in India is nothing but Gal Gadot and when the end credits were rolling, I made myself accountable for ruining two precious hours of my life even after witnessing plenty of Gadot moments in it.

This movie is a killer. It is a murderer of the genre called ‘Comedy’. It serially kills the ‘Thriller’ genre. It actually murders everything including the reputation of its stars. Normally while reviewing a movie, I do discuss the technical aspects. But here I am going to spare you of that pain as it actually scores nothing from any aspect of movie-making. Even the VFX which usually gets a high-octane value in these types of movies is buffoonery and what we are left with is a big zero. Even the perpetually petite Gadot looks old in this horror show.

Is it a buddy movie? Well, you may have a breakup with your best pal if you insist him or her watch this joke. If you are planning to buy a ticket and watch it, perhaps you are making the biggest mistake of your life. If you are planning to watch it on Netflix, listen to the advice of someone who knows the world better than you. Skip the plan.

I do not know how it has managed to get a score of 6.8 on IMDB but I am sure very soon it will get a place in the list of the worst 250 movies ever made. It has a high chance of finishing the race with the Champion’s Trophy.

Sorry, Gal. Looks like you spend more time on your Insta account than on honing your acting skills. Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds do not deserve even a word of discussion.

Are they planning for a sequel? I will rather inflict on myself the pain of hearing the news that Netflix is coming up with the next series of ‘Zoo’.

My Rating is 1.5 out of 10

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