Hellbound is A Mess You Better Avoid

Netflix is back with another Korean web series as Hellbound started streaming barely a week back. The success of Squid Game must have prompted the makers to go online with the product which mostly appears to be hastily made, hurriedly edited, and forcefully given the final look without even thinking of a fitting finale. Maybe that is the reason they halted in the midway and paved the way for a sequel series as they did not have a proper plan on where to take the story.

Even though the show has enough pace to sustain for six long episodes, the logic behind making such a show is barely understood. Has Netflix gone mad after minting money with Squid Game, that it forgot to even review what they are showing? Even they did not bother to lip-sync the English dubbed version and in most of the scenes, the quality of dubbing resembles those dubbed movies back in the ’80s.

Character portrayal is ludicrous, camera works half-hearted, editing poor and acting over the top. This is in a nutshell, the review of this odd show. In the scenes where the Arrowhead YouTuber appears, you feel like damning yourself against the TV screen. The principles of The New Truth Society are watery thin and those are annoyingly self-contradictory. The horror value is so imbecile that you may recall those cheap, poorly made zombie movies made when you were a toddler. Even they did not hesitate to hire the VIP scene from the Squid Game, so low they stooped to in the rush of making a web series just for the sake of keeping the Squid Game hype alive. Normally this type of show thrives on the CGI values which keep you glued to the screen. Unfortunately, Hellbound comes with the weakest CGI I have watched in recent times on Netflix.

Avoid this nonsense joke. Spend your hard-earned time on something more meaningful on Netflix. And do not go by the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDB this time is closer to the truth.

My Review- 4 out of 10

Available on- Netflix

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