The Mission- Chapter Two

Chapter Two

In the shimmering light of the room, the silhouette of his physique posed a view of its own kind. Dreadful, ghastly indeed. He was tall, tanned and even though his face was not visible, the glimpses of his body insinuated the presence of a monstrous face. A close look at the skin will reveal numerous punctures all around. Some of the wounds were fresh and some have dried up. He was performing his ritual before his mission began. He held a blade, large enough to produce prominent marks on any adult skins. Then swiftly he started piercing his skin in the left hand. Blood started oozing out. But he was smiling. The vein was cut in the right place leading to profuse bleeding. The initial flow of the blood splashed on his face giving it an aghast look much to his own pleasure. The more profuse the flow became, the happier he looked. The blood was stored in a container. After sometime he lowered his hand and kept the blade on the table. He was now laughing. It sounded like the growl of an injured beast. He took the container and approached the idol of the black Jesus placed on a podium just beside the desk. He took a spoon and took out some blood from the container and inserted in the face of Jesus as if he was feeding Him. As the fresh blood dripped from the lips of the crucified figure, he chanted some hymns. Blood was still oozing out. But he was happy. He was pleasing his deity. The dark messiah of the oppressed soul like him. As the offering was complete, he raised the bowl semi full of his own blood and drank it all in one go. With the nature of wound he had just inflicted on his own body and the volume of blood lost, anyone else would have been comatose by now. But he is happy. He is feeling healthier. He has pleased his messiah. And he has pleased his soul hitherto mortal but very much in the line of getting the ambrosia for eternity. He does not feel any pain. He has built himself in such a way. And the more apathy he has grown towards physical pain, the closer he is becoming to his dream- reaching the land of immortality. The black Jesus was smiling at him. He is pleased to see his most devoted disciple performing the requisite penances to invite him to his own land. Very soon the disciple will be with him. And they will rule humanity forever.

 The man was now moaning in ultimate pleasure. The blood was always an aphrodisiac for him. And today there was plenty. And that, too of his own. He knows very soon these days of self-pleasure will be gone. He soon will be out in the real world. The world is crying for his help. He must be there to save the mankind. And he will follow the command of his savior. The Great Lord. And the angel The Lord has sent to guide his impoverished soul blemished by the wrongdoings of those who had brought him to this world. But he needs to purify his existence completely. That requires sacrifice. He must be exonerated of the sins of his mortal remains to attain the immortality of the chosen ones.

He has been cleansing his soul for the thirteen years. At the tender age of twenty, he killed his earthly parents, useless normal human beings with no ambition of exploring the intrinsic Godliness every human is bestowed with. He was then taken into custody by the Angel. For thirteen years, his primary job has been the ablution of the sins left on his soul like eternal scars, by his birth. He started the purgation of worldly sins by cutting his own finger, soon to be followed by hammering nails into his own body. In the initial years, he cried like a camel about to be sacrificed. But the Angel guided him to glory. It was the penance required to please the deity. Pain was to be savored. It was to be relished in every bit. An immortal has to conquer mundane feelings like pain, sorrow, grief. He can only have the pleasure of own sacrifice. And once he was ready, the world will be his to conquer. Humanity will be saved then from the brutality caused by the men of no worth, destined to be languishing in the prison of the hell where their bodies will be devoured by the chosen ones. Only the worthy will be living. And he, the immortal will be savior of the souls, under the holy leadership of the deity and the teachings of the Angel, the messiah sent by the true Jesus to make him his protégé for a better world. Heaven will unite with the earthly existence then. And that will be the salvation. The new life after apocalypse.

Suddenly the machine on his desk buzzed.  He picked up the receiver. The Angel was on the other side.

‘Yes, Master’

‘Are the rituals over?’

‘Yes, Master’.

‘Now get ready for some real work. I am coming over’.

The disciple looked at his wounds. He kissed his skin or the reminiscent of whatever was left after years of masochism. He gulped the blood coming from his own wounds. It was paying off. His time has arrived.

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  1. This chapter is more thrilling indeed. The suspension is increasing and it turns into waiting for the upcoming third chapter.

  2. Prothom chapter pore mone holo ektu onnorokom novel then 2nd chapter Porte giye vab6i eta ki ho66e? Suspense vorpur etay next chapter e dekhi ki hoy! Sir prochur word a6e amar ojana ogulo jana jbe.

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