The Writing Contest

To all those who participated in this competition, I would like to say ‘A good job, indeed! You did well to participate because this will only benefit your own self-development. The more you write, the more you will learn to express yourself, and that was the objective of this competition.’
The winners of this competition were selected on the following criteria:
1. Command over English writing, inclusive of grammar and sentence structure.
2. Being innovative in articulating one’s thoughts, the tone of which is neither aggressive nor submissive 
3. A wide spectrum of knowledge on the topics, yet expressing in a very concise and simple manner, where different ideas and statements mix together to form a seamless whole
4. A strong introduction followed by links between subsequent paragraphs, building up to a story, and ending with a clear message/stance 
5. An acceptable balance between philosophy and ground realities in the content being written

The first winning article will be published by midnight. Stay tuned. Also, everyone who participated in the contest has to send his/her photograph to my mail id as early as possible. Thanks

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  1. Sir I didn’t understand the last paragraph “one clear image” do you mean a photograph of the participants?

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