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If you are jumping in excitement to witness another achievement of the current regime in India on the silver screen, restrain yourself. Your knowledge system must be rebooted. The MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission) or Mangalyaan was launched by ISRO back in 2013. However, as the present Government is in no mood to leave an inch of space to eulogize a single achievement of any of the past Governments in India, this too was hijacked by the PROs of the present regime and like many of his previous outings, again the Indian brand ambassador in Canada Akshay Kumar has been roped in to glorify the regime. Perhaps the Country Supremo feels the pulse of the Indians in a way like none of his predecessors ever did. He is wise enough to understand that in India, hearts can be won by selling dreams on the big screen and his image can achieve a perpetual larger than life status without even addressing the real issues.

In Mission Mangal, women are definitely from Mars. Maybe in the near future, we can have a male chauvinistic Voyage Venus. And in a country like India, a film celebrating the success of the ‘deprived sex’, the glory of the weaker ones against the insurmountable odds, is destined to sweep away all the records. This mission is no exception. And to add with it, when patriotism is added to spice up the whole outing, bingo! You even did not lose the opportunity of invoking religious sentiments with a pandit chanting mantras before the launch to miraculously clear the inclement weather. The rocket science is more of home science and our Johny boy’s Dolly girls explain flying a rocket with how Pooris are fried on low nor no heat. To portray the negligence of the then authority and how our heroes coped with a shoestring budget, the scientists are shown even singing and dancing with a broom to clean their office. With no scientific mind working behind the script, this intellectually depraved movie relies on metaphors in the process of molesting science altogether. The VFX looks like an obstinate child refusing to improve or improvise. To add with the existing pangs, you have one American Desi Villain in Dileep Tahil who is in a mission to let the misses in the mission miss the mission. His accent is going to give Priyanka Chopra a tough fight in being obnoxious.

The movie has its share of fine moments, to be true. Vidya Balan as the protagonist does a wonderful job as is expected of her. Akshay is restrained as the Director of the Mission and unlike his other outings, at least tries to stay natural. Kirti Kulhari and Nithya Menon do justice to their limited yet significant roles.

Go and watch if you are into typical Hindi potboilers. Do not expect more than that.

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