Classic Revisited- The Revenant

I am not sure why they portray it as a revenge saga. Revenge is definitely a part, a big part of it. But to call it a story of revenge only is like calling a sea just a pool of brackish water. There are so many interwoven philosophies, horizons that when the revenge actually does take place, you are already taken away to a mystic world, world where vengeance means little, embarking on a journey which teaches you how to survive the worst, life has offered you and yet come up with a spirit to endure more, to invite more and to sustain till the last breath of life becomes everything. Since my teenage, I have always rooted for Leo to win an Oscar every time he gets a nomination since ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’.And every time, as Leo returned empty-handed, my heart went down as if it was the last time. But he came back with a bang every time. And continued winning 4 more nominations. And continued returning barehanded. But this time, while I watched the masterpiece saga’ The Revenant’, something deep inside started saying’ Yes, it’s the time’.In every frame, in every moment, it makes you feel, this was just made for him to win an Oscar. Because what Leo delivered here, is something you can not look beyond in any acting dictionary to better.What a visual treat Alejandro González Iñárritu has given you in this epic tale of survival! Every frame becomes etched in your mind as if you are living in the world construed by him. When I had watched this movie, it was yet to win 12 Academy nominations. But I was certain that it was a sure entry for the cinematography. The mountains, the river, the water, the blood, the snow, the ridges- everything so vividly portrayed. Tom Hardy did an exceptional job as the villain. It must have been an extremely difficult job for an actor of his stature to portray second fiddle. But there lies his finesse. The background score is fabulous, too. Overall a movie you hardly afford to miss. Fantastic -‘The Revenant’.

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