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The observation of the Bombay High Court in the Aryan Khan matter exposes the dark realities of how the investigative agencies of this nation are purposefully being utilized to extort people who do not conform to the norms set by those running the nation. It is a mockery of the judicial system at the lower levels. Just wondering, if this could happen to a man as influential as Shah Rukh Khan, what could happen to the commoners? There is a hush all around on those twenty-six days Aaryan Khan spent behind the bars just on the whims of a bunch of spineless idiots who do nothing else but dance to the tunes of the powerful ringmasters sitting within the citadel of power.

The Bombay High Court declared that there was nothing ‘objectionable’ in the WhatsApp chats leaked by the goon called Sameer Wankhede. Even more serious observation is that the agency even did not bother to conduct a medical test of the detainees. The nation already knows that not even a single drop of any narcotics was found under the possession of Aryan Khan. This is alarming, very much alarming! Tomorrow if you raise any objections to any of the decisions of those at the helm of power or if you are found with someone they loathe, there are chances that you will be put behind the bars and self-incriminating evidence may be used against you. A number of channels will be used to bark constantly and tirelessly until people start believing that you are a criminal, hatching conspiracies against the nation. This is horrible, appalling but this true and this is my India.

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After the observations of the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay were made public, there is a deliberate effort by certain sections of media to hide the news. Where is their zeal when the truth came out? Where is the fervor they had displayed when they themselves gave their verdict on Khan Junior when the conspiracy was being hatched by the goons of NCB? How many times more they will make such buffoonery of journalism? Where are those idiots who tried to find a link between this case and the unsolved case of Sushant Singh Rajput? Did not some of those paid hashtag users accused SRK of nepotism? Are they even aware that he can be easily defined as one of the most successful self-made personalities in modern India? You can take everything from Shah Rukh Khan, but can never take away the hard work of three long decades. I found one journalist making a comment that one must boycott SRK because he pays his bodyguard seven crore rupees and the maid of his younger son fifty lakhs per annum salary. What nonsense! He pays because he can. He pays because he has. He pays because he has achieved that. I told that journalist that instead of complaining he should rather work hard and learn something from the King so that one day he can earn at least a percentage of what SRK pays his maids. By the way, keeping the SSR case alive is another ninja-style of keeping issues of political gains alive. Forget it… No pun intended.

SRK’s son has been granted bail. But what about those millions who are still behind the bars without actually committing any crime? Will the judiciary understand the pangs of their families? Hopes are high. A transparent judiciary can change the way justice is perceived in a nation like India. But don’t be surprised if a section in the media or social media starts abusing the Hon’ble High Court, brands them as Anti-national after the recent observations, and get the concerned judges transferred. Anything is possible in the One India we are in now. And that makes us pine for the Other India we dream of.

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