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The water of tank was glistening in the moon and democracy was angling  peacefully for pike.An arrow came from the back and pierced the body of democracy.Democracy succumbed to death on the spot.

But, why Democracy?

Because it tried to reverse the distressing plight of thousands of destitute. It ubiquitously raised its voice to change the order of the day, which is sucking the blood of vagrants. Some sane voices supported that presumptuous, eerie democracy and hence, they were sent to the gallows.

This is the new weltpolitik according to some ‘impeccable’ minds across the globe.

Now , A land of dragons reiterated that the solution of every suffering could be found in the bible of communism. that was their anschauung. Reality was completely different. Communism was meant for the hoi polloi but in reality it was beset with the ignominious humbugs.

But at present, all those erstwhile tenets have petered out. New ism has appeared in the repertoire of modern weltpolitik to safeguard countries sovereignty integrity and raison d’etat. Some marauders have named it “Communal-democracy”.

Now, what is communal democracy?

Well, it is just the resurrected version of erstwhile democracy. It is rife with terrible as well as grotesque thoughts trying to accentuate hooliganism amongst common masses.

So, What should we do now?

Frankly speaking, we can only wait for the messiah to come and save us. Until then,sit back and enjoy the Pakistan vs England test series. Amidst the apocalypso, only cricket can provide you “Corona free” tidings.

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