‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover- A Review

‘Verity’ a literary masterpiece from the ace novelist Colleen Hoover has moved me so much so that I could not stop myself from writing a review even though I hardly write reviews of the books I read. It is indeed one of the most talked about books in recent times and even bagged a nomination for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2019 in Romance category. Unfortunately, it lost to Red, White and Royal Blue, a book I am yet to read. Awards hardly matter, but putting this novel in Romance category was a bigger sin than those deadly ones depicted throughout the book. It could have been easily put in categories like Mystery & Thriller or even Horror and I am sure had it been placed at the Thriller category, it would have surely beaten the Silent Patient, the winner that year and which even though a good read itself, comes nowhere close to Verity.

‘Verity’ is a wonderful example how a consummate author like Hoover can play with your brain. It’s layered, dark and sinister. The eerie milieu created at the Crawford mansion makes you chill in suspense. The creepy twists and turns make you glued to the pages until you finish the book and when you are done, you start asking questions to yourself. You question your sanity. You question what is right and what is wrong and the characters stay with you for long. This is how thriller books should be written.

A less known, struggling author Lowen Ashleigh is asked to complete a series created by the illustrious novelist Verity Crawford who after an accident is going through a vegetative state of life. The Crawford family had already lost their two daughters in consecutive accidents. Lowen is invited by Verity’s husband Jeremy to stay a few days at their house to get familiar with Verity’s works. The book centres around what follows Lowen’s entry into the grief-stricken house.

I have been recommended this book by many connoisseurs of good books and I must thank them for suggesting this brilliant piece of work. Verity Crawford, a character that apparently matches the enigmatic Amy Dunne of Gone Girl in many aspects is a puzzle you cannot solve even after you finish the pages. I am waiting when the movie made on this book hits the theatres and who is going to play Verity in that. My best bet will be Cate Blanchett. Rooney Mara will be great in the role of Lowen. What about Bradley Cooper as the caring husband Jeremy? Just can’t wait for that movie !

If you are into reading good books, this is the one you are waiting for. If you have already read this one, let me know how you felt after finishing reading it. In one word- ‘Verity’ is unputdownable and such a dark novel coming from the author of so many mushy, streamy romantic novels is an enigma itself.

4.5 out of 5

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