Pencils and Colours attract me

Canvas and Brush wait for me

But I am carrying a school bag

Which makes me without me

Numbers, yes I love ‘em

I want a world to play with ‘em

But mere wish doesn’t find a way

So I put my desire at bay

The result, they say is so crucial

I need to get up and go upheaval

Even though I cry inside

I need to smile and put my queries aside

The little balcony calls me

But I’m always away from thee

I have to be at the classroom

Yes, that will help me to grow and groom

I have rules to follow at my home

I have rules to follow in school

But I love the birds and the air

And the world calls me a FOOL

I lose myself in a sea of children

Who push each other to be rich men and women

But richness I find in the trees, birds and the vagabond

Winter or Rains, they will never abscond

I do not follow my teacher

And she slaps me on my cheeks

Did she notice 

I was observing why the green birds have red beaks?

Education for all

Education for me?

The classroom bores me

As I love to hear and see

My bag has books a plenty

They say those will give me knowledge in bounty

But I find them just white and black

Have I really been taught to learn what I lack?

Teach Excellence, not excuses

The Unit tests await me

The cruel remarks on my score await me

But I want to run away from all these

As I need to find the real me in me

But I am carrying a school bag

Which makes me without me

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