If we admit that human life can be ruled by a reason, the possibilities of life are destroyed.

‘coz reasons open new vistas for opportunities, but block the door for possibilities.

I am not a man with reason; I am no man with careerism,

For me life offers in bounty, Life needs in return plenty.

When I see the opportunists rising up the ladder,

When I see them seeking a reason, I reason with reason,

I reject the society which creates the necessities for all reasons.

And I find solace in a life where no reasons exist, no opportunity exists, no prosperity exists.

Prosperity they say gives them comfort,

But alas makes them cautious of !

Opportunity they say gives them might,

But alas takes the freedom!

When they go up the air,

I traverse down the valley,

When they earn millions,

I lurk into the millions.

And I end up with no luxury,

No property to be cautious of,

But I enjoy the savage,

I savor the freedom.

‘coz I ain’t a man with reason.

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1 thought on “Reasons

  1. Nobody will believe it’s possible until we show them. But when that day comes, you know what they’ll say? They’ll say that it was inevitable.

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