The Missing Link

By Avik Ghatak

The prime source to provide complete information about an entity remains hidden or almost impossible to figure out, for example, dive beyond the level of quarks. The existence holds neither any truth nor any falsification of data or information because nobody knows if the existence is even real or some sort of phenomenal simulation.

Humanity, our ancestors roughly appeared between five million and seven million years ago when some ape-like creatures began to roam habitually on two legs, made tools out of stone and sticks, hunted, created communities, explored the earth, and presently is faring well. Back to the time, when mankind had started to adapt to its natural surroundings and habitat they had already created division in classes of superiority and minority, wollah ! The caste and class system paved a way for its infinite journey to coexist with mankind.

We the people, the so-called intelligent species, with an anthropocentric lens often try to invade and learn what’s happening around us with utmost curiosity and at the same time fight over our own resources. The era is the 21st century, we have gone through Immense advancement in technology in every extreme sphere possible, call it communication technology, nuclear advancements, medical procedures of genetics such as CRISPR, or Somatic cell nuclear transfer, and everyone’s favorite, the Artificial Intelligence, and the clock is still ticking.

The great humanity is still fighting over petty resources being floating in a giant unknown hall of dark mysterious emptiness, the space!  Very recently great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, scientists and physicists like Dr.Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, etc mooted the idea of colonizing Mars and other celestial bodies or at least space exploration and travel which seems like a true epitome for sci-fi enthusiasts.

What is missing is still undefined among humanity as most of the nations are busy creating an esoteric deterrent against each other, enriching the vast uranium deposits to power nuke heads, threatening not only the target weak states but to the whole lifeforms present on earth. The synchronization of fervid thoughts seem to be like morphine and it only ruminates itself to some crazy extent when one can draw a picture of a perfect Utopia where mankind dwells without any form of bar, discrimination, bullying, or restrictions upon each other, a united life form beyond boundaries and borders as a whole.

Our planet currently sustains roughly around more than 7 billion of population. Imagine how it would have been if all of the workforces worked homogenously without any class divisions as a true exploratory species while sharing resources wisely. Probably the next 100 years will be crucial to decide the fate of sustainability. The human race is yet to go a long way, we still satisfy our energy needs from dead plants and animals. As per the Kardashev scale, a type 2 civilization would be harnessing energy from their native star followed by a type 3 civilization who would become masters of space travel and knowledge worth so much that they might even know how to control the energy of the whole galaxy.

An individual today gets easily deviated towards the cahoots spreading criticism and hate. The desire keeps exponentially fluctuating by his socio-cultural group pattern. In the present age which is racing with a hectic pace for innovation and tools, it seems like humanity is heading towards a sluggish crater of technological determinism, to be more precise, set of a blunt corporate suited profit-tailored train of algorithms to shape out social interactions, relations, and behavior with us being merely lost passenger, leading to a revolutionary new world order.

The Metaverse, although seems to be inevitable, is not going to create a technological panacea in the short term as we picture it now. The idea is still bland and beyond our contemporary understanding. It looks pretty weird to see Mark Zuckerberg going to own a chunk of meta-world-the-so and so-called immersive experience. Remember the Cambridge Analytica data scandal?  Those core sensitive information which he will be mining to monitor, snoop, and share among shady third parties promise no absolute privacy. The emerging of a new class of society, the “crippled” society living inside a bunch of codes and algorithms will prove to be a headache over the immediate community ranging from increased rate of depression, dematerialized feelings, hallucinations, isolation, forgery of NFTs, creation, and mining of more cryptocurrencies leading to a vicious cycle of vital environmental concerns. Some ultra vire rules going to decide fate, making society a true puppet. There is no need to shift towards a virtual world to create more mess, big unethical tech corporates are simply planning schadenfreude in the name of the virtual world. The quick escape is still simply a honey trap.

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