The Intouchables(2011)- Review

Once your days on earth are numbered, you take a notebook and start writing those beautiful things happened to you during your lifetime. The positive ones will take more than one book to write them down. Those are the things you take away with you to eternity. This beautiful movie is one of those things that give you the feelings how good your life was. Take my word, this is one of the rare movies with heart in its right place. Last time I felt such a beautiful feeling was after watching Green Book. You are right. The Avengers do not move me, the DC does not allure me . To me a good movie is just like ‘the only trace of our passage on earth’ just what Phillipe had said in the movie about arts. The movie was so poignant yet so much filled with joy just like the way it tells about the disabled- they do not need your pity, they need your company. The fact that it is based on a true story makes you feel even more positive about the people around, about the hues of life, shades of grief. Brilliantly directed, wonderfully acted with beautiful interluding music blended in just the right places, this gem of an art deserves to be applauded while standing. A perfect 10.

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