A Star Is Born (2018)-Now I know How Lady Gaga Looks Like

Well, seeing Gaga donning a character that’s pretty terrestrial like us is something extraterrestrial. Yes, she has acted in most part of this film without her usual overdose of make-up. And she has stolen the show with panache. It’s hard to believe that the singing sensation of the decade has been acting in just her first movie. An Oscar-worthy performance I believe. Bradley Cooper as the alcoholic and drug addict singer is brilliant as a director and his subdued performance adds value to this wonderfully crafted movie. The songs are superb and so are the lyrics. The movie centers around the couple and the rest of the cast have hardly anything to offer. Quite surprising to see Sam Elliott bagging an Oscar nomination for the supporting actor job with so little screen presence. He has done a terrific job, though. Overall a wonderful movie which has every potential to be a cult in the coming years. Lyrical and poignant- this musical drama is a must-watch of this season.

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