Review of ‘I Am Not Done Yet’- Kapil Sharma- Candid, heartfelt and Unapologetic

If I am unplugged, I would say, ‘Yes, I loved Vir Das’. While the plug is connected, I would say, ‘Only if he could be more diplomatic’.  The beauty of Kapil is that he takes care of both the states, plugged or unplugged. I have, hitherto, never spent a single moment for any shows of Kapil Sharma, considering him to be a mere puppet of catering to what the people want. After spending 54 minutes with him on Netflix, I am happy to state that I have watched Kapil Sharma 2.0 who caters to his heart only.

The Hindi contents of Netflix often miff me. Those are too blatant to incite the man hidden inside you to wake up. Those are too naïve at times and too complex most of the time. Most of their shows are extravagantly unwise or too intellectually frugal, both harmful to contemporary art. That is the reason why when they started flooding the interface of my smart TV with the KS show, I was hesitant to choose it. But what a decision that was! Never since Chernobyl, TV has been so much calculative of the time you are going to spend. Don’t get me wrong, Kapil this time made us invest in the time. And by the time the gripping show was showing the end credits, I was unknowingly clapping for him.

This Kapil Sharma is a symbol of redemption. He is not a comedian. He is a philosopher showing us the paths available in front. It is upon you to select the best for yourself. Right from his infamous tweet to the one who or his supporters…forget it…or the way he revers the erudite Dr. Manmohan Singh to his taking a dig at Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Kapil shows us the way how to open your heart. From his drinking habit to his depression, from his marriage to his redemption, Kapil is unapologetic and unstoppable in his new avatar.

Time and again his memories with his father have turned up. Time and again he has manifested his unbridled love for his kid. While he is happy to express his love for his kid, he is mystic in showering his reverence for Shah Rukh Khan. And through Kapil we come to know the untold stories of the magnanimous SRK and unknowingly we start resurrecting our love for the man who in spite of being the first self-made megastar of the country, has been lurking because his name is Khan.

The one name coming back again and again in the show is Ginny and she is actually the backbone of the show. She is the pillar of Kapil’s comeback and Kapil’s unabashed love for the one who changed the course of his faltering career is one of the cardinal reasons this show is such lovable. The values Kapil inculcates through his standup comedy is unparalleled and at times he truly sounds like a social reformer capable of ushering in a new dawn in a country laden with hatred and intolerance.

Every night, I account for each hour I spend. After many days, finally, my accounts are showing something in green. Yes, I watched the Kapil Sharma who could take a dig at the PM without being political.  Yes, I watched the Kapil Sharma who could at last show some respect to SRK without being judgmental to what paid channels told us about him. Yes, I watched the comedian Kapil Sharma, who could tweet to the PM at 3 AM at night after consuming eight pegs, yet he had the courage not to be hypocritical and could confess his misdeeds unlike those millions of buffoons who are preaching something they are not following in real life, be it religion, love or politics. Waiting for the second part. Take a bow, Mr. Sharma! You are really not done yet.

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