Learn To Speak In English In 15 Days- Most Common Errors

It has been over a week since I last published a chapter of this extremely popular series. I got numerous emails from the readers requesting to resume the series. There have been a number of requests to resume the series on ‘How To Write A Book In 15 Days’ as well. It has been indeed a hectic week and I had to go through all the articles you had sent me for the Writing Contest. You must have enjoyed reading the winning ones. Now coming back to our course, I have categorically mentioned not to worry much about the mistakes you commit while speaking in English at the beginning of the chapter. As we have made some progress, it is essential to be cautious about certain common mistakes, which with practice can be avoided easily and you can speak even better than you are doing right now. Follow these examples and I am sure you will be speaking better than many of your peers. And you can even write better with these little improvisations.

  1. Wrong- It is Harold’s and Kumar’s flat. Right: It is Harold and Kumar’s flat.
  2. Wrong- Vardy scored one of the best goal of the tournament. Right- Vardy scored one of the best goals of the tournament. (One among many)
  3. Wrong- Scarlett was late for work and fired by Newman. Right- Scarlett was late for work and was fired by Newman.
  4. Wrong- Sylvester and me went for the gym. Right- Sylvester and I went for the gym
  5. Wrong- The list of books are on the desk. Right- The list of books is on the desk. ( List is the subject here)
  6. Wrong- I have lived here since the last three years. Right- I have lived here for the last three years. ( Since is used for a specific year/. month/day etc)
  7. Wrong- I know him from 2016. Right- I know him since 2016.
  8. Wrong- Does she has a cat? Right- Does she have a car?
  9. Wrong- I can not cope up with the pressure. Right- I can not cope with the pressure.
  10. Wrong- Meryl came to office by walk. Right- Meryl came to office on foot.
  11. Wrong- Messi came to the ground on car. Right- Messi came to the ground by car. ( Except on foot, for all vehicles, by is used)
  12. Wrong- The price of Kate’s mobile is higher than Leo’s. Right- The price of Kate’s mobile is higher than that of Leo’s.
  13. Wrong- Alex’s daughter-in-laws have come home. Right – Alex’s daughter-in-law have come home. ( The plural of daughter-in-law/ any in-law will be daughter-in-law, brother-in-law etc and not -in-laws.)
  14. Wrong- I have visited Louvre museum last weekend. Right- I visited the Louvre museum last weekend.
  15. Wrong- Deepika is married with an actor. Right- Deepika is married to an actor.
  16. Wrong- Every players like the new coach. Right- Every player likes the new coach.
  17. Wrong- Although it was late, but we could watch the movie from the beginning. Right- Although we were late, we could watch the movie from the beginning. ( Never use ‘But’ after ‘Although’)
  18. Wrong- I look forward to meet you. Right- I look forward to meeting you.
  19. Wrong- Ironman has got a new work. Right- Ironman has got a new job.
  20. Wrong- Captain America speaks English good. Right- Captain America speaks English well.
  21. Wrong- The ground isn’t enough big. Right- The ground isn’t big enough.
  22. Wrong- Do you like a glass of juice? Right- Would you like a glass of juice?
  23. Wrong- You cannot buy all what you like. Right- You cannot buy all that you like.
  24. Wrong- How many childrens do you have? Right- How many children do you have?
  25. Wrong- You must eat vegetable everyday. Right- You must eat vegetables every day.
  26. Wrong- I am planning to buy a few furnitures. Right- I am planning to buy a few furniture. ( The plural is also ‘furniture’)
  27. Wrong- She loves the nature. Right- She loves nature.
  28. Wrong- Go to home now. Right- Go home now.
  29. Wrong- He has white hairs. Right- He has grey hair.
  30. Wrong- Sally prefers tea than coffee. Right- Sally prefers tea to coffee.
  31. Wrong- Please revert back to the mail. Right- Please revert to the mail.
  32. Wrong- Many a times, she does this. Right- She does this many times or Many a time, she does this.
  33. Wrong- You need not to worry about this. Right- You do not need to worry about this or You need not worry about this.
  34. Wrong- This may be called as an idiom. Right- This may be called an idiom.
  35. Wrong- I am giving the exam next week. Right- I am taking the exam next week.
  36. Wrong- Priyanka has a poor dressing sense. Right- Priyanka has a poor dress sense.
  37. Wrong- I went to attend their marriage anniversary. Right- I went to attend their wedding anniversary.
  38. Wrong- Oops, I did a mistake! Right– Oops, I made a mistake!
  39. Wrong- Are you participating in the quiz/debate competition? Right- Are you participating in the quiz/debate?
  40. Wrong- Gautam’s mother saw a dream. Right- Gautam’s mother had a dream.
  41. Wrong- I wish I was a bird. Right- I wish I were a bird.
  42. Wrong- Me and my friends went for a movie. Right- My friends and I went for a movie.

I think it is getting too heavy for you now to consume so much of things together. Your task is to use these correct phrases continuously and use those with your partner. In the next chapter, we’ll discuss many other mistakes we commonly make while speaking in English. Till then read the previous chapters of this series if you have missed. And do read even if you have read already.

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  1. Sir please review the 13th point of this article regrading the common mistakes. Isn’t the plural word used for daughter-in-law or any-in-law is daughters-in-law or (respective plural of the word)-in-law?? Please pardon my insolence if I am wrong.

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