Learn Spoken English In 15 Days- Chapter 8

We are almost in the middle of the course. Now the idea of learning spoken English in just 15 days does not sound impossible. Let us look at what we have done so far.

  1. Now we know that learning spoken English is not rocket science.
  2. It is essential to be proud of our native language before even we think of learning to speak in English.
  3. We have started doing lots of soliloquies in English to increase our confidence level.
  4. We have practiced mirror therapy every day to try speaking in English.
  5. We have started noting down all the new words and their uses that come along our mundane tasks.
  6. We have started watching English movies.
  7. We are feeling much more confident now.

It is the right time to move ahead and find a partner who is in equal distress like you to deal with this new language. You may not find a suitable partner to discuss physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics but I am telling you with 200% assurance that when it comes to finding a partner who wants to improve his/her spoken English, you are to get at least a thousand. You can ask friends from your known circle, your business partners, your college mates, relatives or even you can find a million looking for such partner on internet communities. You just need to speak out your needs and you have readily available individuals willing to be your partner. Practicing with a partner will help you to use the words you know or you have learned properly, become more confident seeing that other people, too are finding it hard to speak in English and in the process, you can become more fluent in English.

There should be some preconditions while selecting a partner

  1. He or she should be more or less at your level of speaking in English.
  2. Both of you must mutually agree to use the partnership for productive outputs.
  3. You must call over phone or WhatsApp or skype or any other messenger services to talk to each other.
  4. You cannot use any other language throughout the process.
  5. Never try to do away with your natural accent and juxtapose an artificial accent to sound more stylish.
  6. If somehow one of the partners is feeling that he or she is more advanced than the other, it is the right time to call it an end.
  7. It should be an enjoyable ride for both of them. If for a moment, it becomes evident that it is gradually becoming more of a work to do than like a fun to enjoy and share, it is time to find another partner who will bring the fun quotient in the task.

The advantages of having a partner to speak in English

  1. Understanding where you are actually standing in the path of your progress.
  2. Finding out the areas where your partner is stronger and accordingly, you can improve in those areas as well with the help of your partner.
  3. You can learn new words from him/her.
  4. You both can point out each other’s mistakes.
  5. Through speaking with each other, you both can improve your knowledge on a wide spectrum of issues as well.
  6. You can get more confidence booster and encouragement from each other.

The communication patterns with your partner should include conversations on

  1. Daily small talk.
  2. Latest news.
  3. Movies, sports, books.
  4. Each other’s favorite areas.
  5. Each other’s weak areas.
  6. Analysis of the progress you make every day.
  7. Role-playing.

You can use popular language exchange apps like HelloTalk, Tandem, Speaky, Hello Pal, Nice Talk Tutor, Italki, Idyoma, etc. You can also join groups on Facebook or other social networks to find your partner. All the best.

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