Author- Achin Bhunia, B.Tech, Kolkata

Achin Bhunia

The eternal drum is pounding on the wall! The eternal snake is devitalizing off its venom! The gust of eternity is stopped!

A civilization flashed suddenly, which seemed existential, recurring and cyclic. All the heterogeneous figurines substantiated into male and female form in the pecking order of animality, leveling up the highest sense of humanity. All the humanoid structures were conditioned with the divine wisdom of their superiority among the animals. The male and female consciousness was aligned with the universal divinity. The procreative golden wombs were merged with the virile phalluses, engendering a plethora of transcendental human beings blissfully. Their mind was utterly free from fear and darkness, free from the shards of arbitrariness and deprivation.

The drum is at rest! The snake is on its coil, sticking out its venom! The gust of eternity is restless, overridden with words.

The civilization was neither old nor modern. The humanoid figurines were alive. They took the wheel of chronology in their own hands, navigating it with their free will. Yes, they were also curious about the mystery of the universe. Somewhere they felt the universe within themselves. They left no stone unturned to differentiate and integrate amongst the primal, medieval and eternal. A sudden flurry of astonishment stroked their mind. But the universe was not averse of them. Their intellect procured them a system of living, transcending the pasts and beyond. The tinge of divinity and equality was also aware of them, which guided them to be engaged in a refined society to extricate out the vitals with devaluing the odds.

The fold of modernity was gradually manifesting to its full blossom. But the conditional demons started to thrive day by day. The modernity was now staggering forth at the divided hands. The divisive minds gathered force day by day. They termed and postulated the ideas between good and evil. But the sheer intellect was co-existent with its counterpart, destruction. The cataclysmic battle between good and evil was on its final ultimatum. Now the universe was not on behalf of them. The storm grew mightier, the tide was climactic and thereafter the final rift on the plain. The civilization submerged into the catacombs forever.

The drum is still at rest! The snake takes the form of guided modernity. The eternity was invisibly alive. The lost civilization is now deciphered. The knights of the guided modernity are swelling with the pride of discovery, as they termed it ‘History’. But their subconscious is again speaking aloud, “History will repeat itself!!!!”

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