Get ‘Make It BIG’ @Rs. 50/- only- The No 1 Bestseller in India

Released on the 15th August 2018, the book ‘Make It BIG- Cracking Government Interviews In Corporate Style’ became an instant bestseller on Amazon. Without any formal marketing, the book became the first of its kind in Bengal to sell over 10,000 copies due to the outstanding word of mouth and its simple and lucid manner of enlightening every aspect of the Government interviews. The book has now become an essential part of an aspirant’s collection to clear any Government jobs. Even though its highlighted area has been to prepare a candidate to face an interview and groom his or her personality, this book has been widely acclaimed as a self-help book written in the most lucid manner possible.

On the 25th April 2020, it created a new history by securing the 1st rank among the books in two categories- education and motivation on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. Due to unending love showered by its followers, it held the rank for consecutive six days and even today the book holds a good rank in the list. The Kindle e-book version can be availed at just Rs.50 here

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