Book Review- Indian Economy By Nitin Singhania (IAS)

There has always been a dearth of a quality book for Indian Economy for the competitive examinations. There are plenty of good books, true. But those books are good for academic purposes and hardly serve the purpose of providing a balanced approach towards preparation for competitive examinations especially in today’s scenario where one has to hone his skills in answering MCQs which again require factual data, recent trends analysis, and strong analytical skills. A book laden with theories will prepare you to take a test of Graduate level examinations but can hardly help you to clear competitive examinations. Thankfully, Nitin Sir’s book has been able to fill in this long-standing vacuum in the field.

The book is laden with information and presents a comprehensive view of the Indian economy from the point of view of someone who himself is a doyen of the subject. But unlike many books available in the market, the book never attempts to be preachy. Instead, the language is lucid, the explanations are easy to grab and several diagrams, charts, boxes make it an easy-go for the students to grab the subject with keen interest. The colorful book appears attractive right from the word ‘Go’ and the simplistic attitude of the author in presenting the subject makes it even more interesting for the students. All the recent data have been incorporated meticulously, making it easier for the aspirants to keep themselves abreast of all the updates in the field. Added advantages are the trend analysis, economic survey and budget analysis, previous year questions, etc. There are total 19 chapters and a few appendices including a special one featuring the measures to mitigate the crisis originated due to Covid-19 pandemic. The book is voluminous and does complete justice to every penny you spend on it.

So the final verdict is- Go, grab it. Economy now may become easier for those who have been avoiding this for long for the sheer fear for the subject. The book is here to stay.

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