Creative Writing Contest- ‘We, The Graduates of WhatsApp University’

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Author: Anirban Sen, B.Sc( Hons), Zoology Age: 22 Years

Author- Anirban Sen

Hi there! It is a prestigious moment for me, I am truly blessed to represent the emerging super species  “Graduates of Whats App University” here. Backed by the technological advancement in information technology, this highly evolved species is projecting its multifaceted effects in the socio-cultural environ & moulding the lives, the belief system on Earth like never before

Now without wasting much time let me help you guys to understand our magnificent capabilities. The most important superpower we possess is the versatility of knowledge. We know Economics, we have proficient knowledge of Politics, Pottery, History, Geography, Trigonometry, Apiculture, the series is endless. Practically you toss any subject ever hatched in this Universe we have a pre-constructed opinion and expertise there! Astonishing superpower, right? Yeah! we might be unable to distinguish between GDP &GNP, we might cause alopecia scratching our head to understand what the hell is Human Development Index but, we believe we know Economics far better than AmartyaSen! You see the confidence brewing there? That’s the secret of our energy. We do not depend on Boost like Sachin. If you ask about our knowledge in other spheres say History I can simply provide you my instance. Frankly speaking last time I went through the pages of a history book when I was in class 9. I swear since then I have never turned over a single page of a single history book. But, ask me about the flaws of Mahatma Gandhi. I will enlighten you with every sort of misinformation or disinformation. I can tell you how Gandhiji used to fight wrestling with Netaji as they were arch-enemies without knowing that it was Subhas who revered Gandhiji addressing him as the  Father of Nation! Here comes the wide ocean of knowledge named WhatsApp.You just need to float there like a worm & share narratives without disturbing your grey matter. When the fingers can manage the task, why bother the brain?

           In this auspicious eve of Independence Day what could be more liberating than Whatsapp? We the Whats app fraternity can propagate fake news without having any sort of responsibility. Now please don’t come up with a silly argument that already many lost their lives in mob lynching, courtesy: fake messages forwarded through WhatsApp.Moron; Those are part and parcel of this great liberating exercise, collateral damage. Most importantly what can be more liberating for a soul than death! Anyways we can share our expert opinions here freely on myriads of convoluted issues from Indian batting order to Indo-Pak relationship. This technologically superior process of learning promotes us from being a mere History learner to the History creator! Have you ever given a thought how empowering and liberating it is to create History while lying on bed & listening YoYo Honey Singh! Apart from these creative aspects, we have some other superpowers such as we can build our opinion faster than Bullet train, faster than light. Our grey matter is highly evolved to perceive everything in the bichromatic lense of Black & White – no grey zone, no confusion.

What? What did you say? We should learn books?HaHaHa! Listen, brother, the objective is to gather information, means are not important & we are liberal to every sort of information,disinformation&misinformation. We treat them equally. Now if you know that data is the new oil, do a recharge & oil your own machine.

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  1. So true. I haven’t found a better article on the subject. Anirban, you just nailed it. Can’t resist myself from sharing it and quoting from it. Plz keep on writing.

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