This movie is one of the underrated gems I have watched in recent years. The eerie undertone of the movie grips you from the beginning and the thrill and chill continue till the very end. The panache with which this movie is shot is fabulous. Every frame has a charm of its own. The character development is meticulous. The stark contrast in the auction scenes, those in the first half of the movie and those towards the end portray the psychological turmoil of the protagonist in a brilliant way. Geoffrey Rush, as expected delivers a power-packed performance. So does Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks and others. The climax is generally the hallmark of a classic thriller and ‘The Best Offer’ offers you the best in this aspect, too. It is bizarre, shocking and spine chilling, true to the tone of this movie. I had missed this gem for long but thank God, found a recommendation of it in one of the IMDb pages. I am glad I watched it. Strongly recommended for those yet to watch it.

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