Get ready for the Ultimate Josh- Super Sunday With Josh Talks Bangla

I have been hearing it a countless number of times, why my video is not coming on Josh Talks. My personal opinion always has been that I would appear on bigger platforms only after I have a substantial number of followers of my channel WBCS Helpline- Topper Talks. My journey has always been a solo one with the interludes of cameos by the rising stars of the state. However, it has always been my own identity that has been the hallmark of the channel and its encouraging growth. It was only after my channel crossed 100k subscribers that I was open to proposals on coming to bigger platforms. So when they approached me after that, I had no qualms about featuring on their channel. From Topper Talks to Josh Talks- isn’t it a sweet and wonderful idea? In fact, Josh Talks is a big, very big name after all. And they have always come up with a plethora of wonderful ideas like empowering women, helping to overcome depression, showing the right path to success, etc. Their videos have literally helped millions of souls in the country and they have been rightly awarded the National Media Award for their tremendous contributions to the society.

Now the wait is over. Yes, I am coming to Josh Talks this weekend. I will be on full josh and will be focussing on a number of topics like peer pressure, staying focused, how not to worry even if you did not perform well in the board examinations, my own struggle, and finally redemption. So are you ready to be with me there? How is the JOSH?

Keep watching Josh Talks Bangla. Make it a super Sunday.

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