‘Uri’ Review- An Old Post

How’s The Movie? Masterpiece, Sir

Vicky Kaushal as Major Vihan Singh Shergill steals the show

The general mood of the nation is somber after the terrorist attack at Pulwama. Like everyone else, I am, too depressed. So, just to get out of the gloom, the pensive mood, I thought of visiting the theater to watch ‘Uri’, which I have deliberately skipped watching so far considering it as an election propaganda of the present-day Government. How wrong I was! In thinking too much about the political motive behind the making of the movie, I was about to miss a masterpiece. This won’t at all be an overstatement to say that this is perhaps one of the finest action flicks ever made in India. The screenplay is the real king of the movie. There is not a single moment of melodrama in the entire 138-minute journey. There were ample scopes to make it a tear-jerker and spoil the slick look. But this is New India. They know how to make movies of international standard sans those age-old songs and dances, jingoist war cries, hyperbolic villains or skimpily clad vamps. Contrary to popular belief, there is hardly a scene to glorify any person or a party. It’s a hardcore action movie in a warlike situation. Right from the first scene, the debutante director makes his intention clear. He has a solid story in his platter and he chooses to execute it in style. And the result is- a classy entertainer. Vicky Kaushal has yet again proved why he is being considered as one of the finest young actors of this country. At times I wondered if he really is an army man hiding in Bollywood for a secret mission! So great is his portrayal of Major Vihan Singh Shergill, a man on a mission to avenge the brutalities inflicted on his fellow men. Paresh Rawal in the Ajit Dovalesque character is credible as ever. The others, too do justice to their limited yet meaningful roles. The cinematography is fabulous and at times make you believe that you are watching a Hollywood movie directed by some League One Director. The dialogues are crisp and soul touching. Overall, an out and out entertainer executed in classy style. Do not dare to miss this one. How’s the josh? FINE, SIR


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