Twenty (20) Common Mistakes We Make In English- Saptarshi Nag

Here is a list of 20 most common mistakes we make in English speaking or writing.

1.Incorrect- She is married with a dentist

       Correct- She is married to a dentist

2. Incorrect-  Although it was raining, but we went out.

Correct –      Although it was raining, we went out.

Henceforth ‘I’ will represent Incorrect and ‘C’ will represent Correct.

3. I – I look forward to meet you.

C- I look forward to meeting you

4. I-  I live in Unites States

C- I live in the United States.

5. I-      When I will arrive, I will call you.

     C-      When I arrive, I will call you.

6. I-             He speaks English good.

C-            He speaks English well.

7.      I –          Me and Shyam live here.

     C-           Shyam and I live here.

8.           I-    It was Ram’s and Laxman’s deer.

              C-   It was Ram and Laxman’s deer

9. I- Each of the cars are fast

   C- Each of the cars is fast

10.  I-  Furnitures

    C- Furniture

11.   I:  He learned to play tennis, swim and sail.

  C:  He learned to play tennis, to swim and to sail

12.   I- I gave the exam this year.

   C- I took the exam this year.


   I- I wish I was a bird/ If I was a bird.

   c- I wish I were a bird/ If I were a bird

14.   Incorrect:  I saw two deers in the woods.  My foots hurt.

  Correct:  I saw two deer in the woods.  My feet hurt.

15. I- Last but not the least…

  C- Last but not least…

16   I- The spider spun it’s web. Its a very beautiful web.

  c- The spider spun its web. It’s a very beautiful web.

17.   I- The list of items are on the desk.

   C- The list of items is on the desk

18.   I- There are no breads in this shop.

   C- There is no bread in the shop.

19. I- He/she is my cousin brother/sister.

C- He/she is  my cousin.

20.   I- He is a coward man.

   C- He is a coward/ He is a cowardly man.

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