It appears that only three teams play in the EPL. Man City and Liverpool for the League Title and Tottenham Hotspur for the perpetual third position. Teams like Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea all compete only for the fourth spot only to demonstrate a lackluster Champions League performance. This year, too the show is not changing much. After stunning a hapless Chelsea in the first outing of both the teams, Man U had stunned Chelsea by a devastating 4-nil performance. The pride they had earned is now shattered after their humiliating defeat to Crystal Palace at the home front.

The entire team looked clueless against a speedy Palace attack. The likes of Lindelof, Magure, Bissaka all were practically non-existent as Ayew and Zaha tore apart their strategies. Ole Gunnar Solskjær was looking hopeless with the bleak show of his boys, reminding us the now-famous expressions of his illustrious predecessor Jose Mourinho. Ole, too like Mourinho does not have any idea of what to do with the players at his disposal. Average players like Herrera or Fellaini were regarded with high esteem by him and that did not allow the confidence of the younger crop to grow.

Even Ole is repeating the same mistakes, as he does not have too many options at his disposal. His excessive faith on average guys like Lingard, Bissaka or McTominay is the reason why creative players like Matic or Preira are warming the bench. In the attack too, the side looks confused. Martial has been regarded as a talented player but for years, he has failed to produce a memorable performance. He is now a kind of a bit here and a piece there player. Rashford is young, hungry and full of talent. But in absence of any creative midfielder, he alone can not change the complexion of the matches. The least is said about Pogba, the better it is.

So do not expect a sudden rise of performance of you are Red Devil’s fan. Ole is a good learner. But where are his learning tools? The ghost of Mourinho is definitely haunting the Red Devils who refuse to be outstanding on the field or produce awe-inspiring performances.

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