Sushant Singh Rajput-  A Journey Ended Too Soon

While the world will be busy to find out the reasons behind the promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death which is reported to be due to suicide, I am still busy in finding solace in those dimpled smiles of the departed soul. What a tragedy! This man taught his on-screen son the worthlessness of committing suicide and find the meaning of life in giving it a try. And today he has easily forgotten what he had preached. More than half of his life was still untried. He will be looking at us as a young man of 34 smiling from his safe abode above.

Sushant was an arsenal of talent. Be it Kai Po Che or MSD or Byomkesh Bakshi or Chhichhore or even the lesser-known Kedarnath or Sonchiriya, he had cast a spell with his enchanting smiles. As Dhoni he was restrained, as Byomkesh he was enigmatic and as Ishaan of Kai Po Che or as Anirudh of Chhichhore, he was effervescent. Nevertheless, he was liked by all alike for the charm he added to every character he played.

The heart is still heavy as I am writing these words. Fingers are shaky! Why did you do this Sushant? You could wait a bit more. Problems could be resolved. You could hit all your worries out of the park just like what you did when you played that helicopter shot donning MSD’s jersey. Questions could be answered. Life could be given one more chance. Are you listening Sushant? Do I sound lunatic if I say I loved you so much that I can not even condemn what you just did? But what I hated the most was done by you. Maybe now you are sleeping on the lap of your mother. Maybe she is singing a lullaby to put you to sleep. But you have kept all of us awake. Donno what more is in store in the coming months of this dreadful year. Or is this the end? The song ‘ This is the end, my beautiful friend’ from ‘Apocalypse Now’ is reverberating in my ears as tears are drenching my cheeks. Keep smiling, Sushant.

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2 thoughts on “Sushant Singh Rajput- A Journey Ended Too Soon

  1. Like millions of us I too am an ardent fan of MSD. I watched Sushant Singh Rajput previously in few ads or in promos of the serials he acted in or in the trailers of his previous films, but I never watched his work until 2016. I still remember those 3-4 friends’ group of Dhoni fans that I assemble in my college to discuss on the master. There was one day, when we spoke about the then upcoming biopic of MS and I remember that I said “if this guy is not gonna do justice to the roll he’ll be literally cursed by millions”. Then a few months passed and finally the day came when we got to see the trailer. I still remember that walking out of the dressing room on the final match scene he did, and did with utmost perfection. After that the film released and needless to say that he just nailed it with his performance, for 3 long hours he completely made us believe that it was actually Dhoni playing Dhoni on screen. That day I became an ardent fan of that guy too. I wrote a facebook post showering my love for him, he just became so personally attached to me in my mind. His ever smiling face is unforgettable, those dimpled cheeks are as cute as a guy can ever be. Such an energetic, charismatic and lively man he is, yes I said is, because that smile can never die. I’m devastated beyond imagination, this is so disheartening, it feels like I lost a big brother, he was so humble and so down to earth even after achieving so much in such a quick time. But this is not the way one should make and end to the story, from his interviews and his social media posts he seemed so educated, so spiritual and philosophical, I can never believe that a person like him actually did this blunder! Why brother why, you were was only a message away from your live, you could’ve called or texted one of your sisters, or friends, or even the man you played on screen! This is not the way brother! Love you from the core of my heart, you’ll be deeply missed! Stay happy wherever you’re! Gone to soon!

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