Some Uncommon Facts from the Vedic Age

Vedic Age and Brahmanical religion

  • Saraswati is identified with Ghagghar Hakra and it was the most sacred river and known as Naditarna
  • Valkhilya hymns can be found in RigVeda
  • Divodasa was the father of Sudas
  • Agastya aryanised South India
  • Language of Upanishads was classical Sanskrit
  • Samitis were most important during the selection of the King
  • Gopatha Brahmana was attached to Atharva Veda
  • Sautramani was the festival of Soma Drinking
  • Aranyakas highlighted the mysticism prevailing during the Vedic age
  • Atharva veda talks about Sati
  • Indra, Agni,Varuna,Mitra and Nyasa were the Indo-Iranian gods
  • Orgin of universe was in the 10th mandala of Rigveda
  • Sulagava meant sacrifice
  • Ratnavamsi ceremony was a part of Rajasuya yajna
  • In maitryeani upanishad the doctrine of Trimurti discussed
  • Dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama in Katha Upanishad
  • Yajurveda was the manual of Adhvaryus who prepared fire altars and the ground of sacrifice
  • Valkhilya hymns are in the 8th mandala of Rigveda
  • Nirukta written by Yaksha is the oldest work on Rigveda
  • Chandogya upanishad discusses three ashramas
  • First literary evidence of Gotra is Atharvaveda
  • Gayatri mantra in the 3rd mandala of Rigveda
  • Purush Sukta and Nasadiya hymns are in the 10th mandala of RigVeda
  • Sankhya was the oldest among the various philosophical schools
  • Upanishads in prose form-shatpatha and chandogya
  • Aghoris were the successor of the kapalikas.They had two branches -Shuddha and malina
  • Namma and Tirumalisay wre the most popular Alvar saint
  • Kulashekhara was an Alvar saint
  • Pashupata cult was most popular in Kashmir, Gujarat and Nepal
  • Of all the Brahmanical offshoots, Shaivism was the earliest
  • Agamanta, Aghori, kapalika,Verrasaiva, Suddha, Pashupat,Lingayat were all shaivite offshoots
  • Satvata vidhi and pancharatra agama were cults of Bhagvatism
  • Manu talked about 6 kinds of slaves
  • The Mora inscription talks about Panchaveera.They were Samkarshana, Aniruddha, Pradyumna, Samba and Vasudeva
  • Earliest refrence to Vyuha doctrine was Brahma sutra
  • Shandilya propounded Pancharatra cult
  • The text of the nyanaras was known as Tevaram whereas the text of the Alvaras was known as Prabhandha
  • Thirunabhukkarasu was also known as Appar
  • Gautamiputra satakarni was known as Ekabrahmana
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