‘Parasite’ Review-‘Parasite’ is generous in giving you the cerebral food

Parasite is a deep, complex, layered, multidimensional and heartfelt portrayal of the class struggle and its gruesome ramifications existing in the present day South Korea. It is seen through a social prism where the haves are pitted against the haven’ts, the haven’ts are pitted against each other . It is also a subtle tale of the dangerous magnitude of the impacts of human greed and how nature backfires against a consumer culture. From the gift rock to the deluge towards the climax, Director Bong Joon Ho of ‘Memories of Murder’ and ‘The Host’ fame uses several metaphors to depict how nature backlashes against human’s imperialistic pleasures . As a result, what starts in a mild satirical tone, climaxes in a disturbing manner, so much to the extent that even hours after finishing the movie, you can not actually get out of the eerie milieu of South Korean urban class struggle. This is no easy movie, let me remind you. But if you can finish the journey, it can stay with you forever, for the ample food for thought it offers. Truly a cinematic masterpiece from the ace Korean director. Predicting huge applause at the Academy Awards this year, may be the Holy Grail of movie making as well. A must watch for those who are cerebrally way ahead of the cheap DC Comics genre.

Written in January, 2020. Available on Amazon Prime.

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