Mysterious Object Near the Moon. UFO?

A slight change from our usual videos. Here, we present brilliant images of the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Andromeda galaxy. You can also find a mysterious object around the Moon. The video has been shot by Sovan Sarkar, a brilliant young guy working in Siliguri Municipal Corporation. The telescope used here is Meade Polaris 127 eq Reflector You can get an equivalent item here

The camera used is Redmi Note 8 Pro 64 MP You can get it here

We sincerely thank Mr. Sovan Sarkar for his outstanding work. To read all my articles, please visit my personal website

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1 thought on “Mysterious Object Near the Moon. UFO?

  1. Mind-blowing photo taken.What was that thing on moon.From it’s wobbling passing it seems that it is a asteroid.But can be ufo too.How much we know of the universe?

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