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You must be aware that my wife quit her WBCS job to pursue her passion. Here is what she has to say…

And Adhyayan begins its journey!

In today’s world, the need of the hour is securing your future by means of sustainable income generation opportunities. Many confuse it with employment. But these two are not even the opposite sides of the same coin. Sustainable income generation opportunity comes from sheer knowledge, pragmatic approach towards handling the difficult situations of life and the efforts to make life more meaningful. Once you have the skills to imbibe the teachings that life offers or thwart the challenges that life poses, you are all set to scale new milestones in your career. Mere employment opportunity may address our temporary monetary issues but if it is devoid of sustainable means to face the challenges of life, our base is shaky, our passions are doomed, our future is nebulous and life, soon loses its meaning.

We, at Adhyayan Academy, with our experience of being directly in the Government administration, are striving hard to make you understand that cracking Government jobs is not a rocket science and for that you don’t need to be a robot and give efforts that normal human beings cannot do. The ones who clear such examinations are not any aliens. They are just like you and you also possess exactly the same qualities they possess. Here we bridge the gap and we change the things how you perceive your own potentials of achieving what you are aspiring for. Our faculty members include retired administrators, teachers with vast experience of understanding the intricacies of the competitive environment and skilled professionals from different walks of life, who will be with you throughout your journey to guide you towards your dream destination.

In Adhyayan Academy, we are committed to make you skilled to be able to generate sustainable income generation opportunities. Employment is just a byproduct of the values learned in the journey.

Research shows that if we are passionate to develop skills instead of just mugging up facts to clear an examination, we are much more prepared to face the real battle of life. For that, you need constant guidance to hone your basic skills, to ignite the passion hidden inside you, to crave for success in its truest meaning.

Suppose you have somehow managed to clear an examination by dint of sheer hard work over a certain period of life. But you have not learnt the skills to sustain pressure, the ideals to bring a change in the society, the values to hold your ground when the time is not so pleasant. Will you be able to enjoy the job in your platter?

In Adhyayan, we prepare you for the real battle of life. We make you ready for the real challenges of life. We teach you subjects with the objective to find the inner beauty of each subject so that you do not become a machine during the course of your preparation. Mere completion of a vaguely defined

syllabus is not our objective. We tend to dig deeper into the syllabus and make you fall in love with the beauty of knowledge. Definitely, we make you ready to take on your competitors, but at the same time we aspire to make yourself your strongest rival, so that every day you are a better version of yourself, every day you rise and prepare to shine.

Adhyayan is thus not a mere coaching institute with the sole objective of spoon feeding the aspirants. It strengthens your skills, it enhances your ability to sustain, it makes you love what you aspire for. It is an old school of thought where you learn that nothing can be an alternate to sheer hard work, nothing can replace the true value of knowledge or Gyan and success is just a part of the continuous journey, not a mere destination.

Study Module

In Adhyayan Academy, we primarily offer three courses.

  1. Chanakya Course- West Bengal Civil Service, West Bengal Forest Service, PSC Miscellaneous, PSC Clerkship, PSC IDO, WBP SI, WBP Constable, WB Excise, WBPRB SI etc.
  2. Dronacharya Course- SSC CGL (Graduate ad HS level), NTPC, Railways etc.
  3. Aryabhatta Course- RBI, Banking, LIC, Insurance etc.


Each year, broadly we have two sessions, one from August-September and the other from April-May. Each course of each session will have two batches. Each batch will have 50 (Fifty) students. So primarily, in every session, we have six batches running simultaneously.

The batches are titled as Ramanujan, Raman, JC Bose, Mahalanobis, SN Bose and APJ.

Even though the actual classes for a particular batch will be for a duration of around nine months, students can take the benefits of being associated with the coaching center for a period of two years. So, even when the stipulated classes for a certain batch end, interested students can attend classes of the next session without paying any additional charges. And if the student can clear any written examinations in the next three years, she or he will be offered guidance for personality test without any fees provided he brings necessary identification documents and his enrolment details. Further, the student can reap benefits from our library without any additional charges for the whole two years. He can also seek assistance from the institute in getting the details of the upcoming examinations and filling up the forms during this period.

Class Pattern

Other courses will have a minimum of 100 classes in a session. For WBCS course, the number of classes will be much more. Additionally, there will be a total of minimum twelve full length mock tests and numerous other tests to hone his skills of taking a test in a simulated environment for each course.

Each week, for each batch, there will be three days of classes. Each class day will have two classes and each class will be of one and half hour’s duration. As our faculty members include experienced professionals from different services, there are chances that some of the classes will be on the Sundays. There will be a progress report for each student every month so that they can evaluate their own progress and analyze if they are going in the right direction. Our mentors will take additional care for those deviating from their desired performance. There is a provision for psychological counseling where each student can seek the help of a professional to address their personal issues. The students will be provided class notes in printed format, but they will be encouraged to go through recommended books and pay maximum attention in the class to write down the notes. Attentiveness will play a key role in judging the progress of a student along with her/his performance in the classes.

During each day, the classes are divided into two slots. In each slot, there will be two simultaneous classes in two different classrooms. The Day Slot starts from 11.30 am. There will be two classes of one and half hour’s duration and there will be a break of half an hour in between. Accordingly, the Day slot will end at 3 pm. The Evening slot will start at 4 pm and follow the similar pattern and will end at 7.30 pm. Each batch will be allotted a specific slot of three and half hours a day. Tentatively, there will be a total of six classes each week for a batch and 24 classes each month. Additionally, there will be special classes, motivational sessions etc. in between.

Any student failing to attend two consecutive classes will have to bring their guardian to justify the cause of absence.

Broadly, the following subjects are taught at the institute

  1. History and Indian National Movement
  2. Geography of India and West Bengal
  3. Indian Polity and Constitution
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Quantitative Aptitude
  7. Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning
  8. General Science
  9. English- Grammar, Vocabulary and Composition
  10. Bengali- Grammar, Vocabulary and Composition
  11. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  12. Overall Analytical Skill Enhancement

Besides, we provide guidance on Optional subjects for examinations like West Bengal Civil Service, West Bengal Forest Service etc. on an Add-On basis where students can opt for their specific Optional subject by paying additional fees. Besides, counselling on the selection of the Optional Subject is done after going through a rigorous process of analyzing the student’s behavioral pattern, her/his intrinsic interest, availability of materials in that subject, analysis of previous year question papers, student’s academic background and numerous other factors.

Personality Development Course

In every examination, the final and the most crucial hurdle is the personality test. It has been observed that many students with excellent knowledge in theory often fail to clear the examination because of the fear-psychosis they have towards such personality tests or PTs as they are termed. As we know, one’s personality cannot be altogether changed but with proper grooming, it can be made more receptive, productive and attractive. We offer specially designed personality development classes for nurturing you to face any tests. For our students, we offer the course free of cost. However, those students who are willing to enroll in our Academy just before the personality test can do so by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 4,999/-. In the course, we provide three personality development classes, relevant books or other materials and at least two mock sessions in a simulated environment by the best in the business. By the term ‘Best’, we literally mean the Best. Further, all such mock sessions are recorded and the students can themselves judge their own progress by viewing the recordings. In case we feel there is further scope for improvement in the student, we conduct even the third mock session.


We have a state-of-the-art library with paperbacks, hardcovers and digital editions of a good number of books, magazines and journals. Every day the volume of the library is increasing, and we are inching towards the day when we can boast of an enviable collection of books on competitive examinations and other related topics. Students are provided with enough space to study at the library room by consulting the reference books or by searching through our knowledge database. A well curated catalogue can be accessed to select the desired book from a pool of handpicked books of different authors on different subjects. They can also access the newspapers every day and can check several employment magazines to get abreast of the upcoming vacancies. The duration of accessing the library will be from 12 noon to 7.30 pm.


The package cost of each course is Rs. 30,999/- plus GST.  A student can opt for combined package (Any two courses) and in that case the cost will shoot to Rs. 42,999/- plus GST.  There is an Add-on option by which the student can opt for all three courses and the Add-on cost for the addition of the third course is Rs. 8000/-. It is worth noting here that as we do not compromise our quality of education, we are not providing any discount. Basically, discounts like Summer Discount, Winter Discount, July Discount, February discount etc. are to fool people by curtailing a tiny amount from an already overpriced course fee. We do not follow such malpractices or marketing gimmicks.

Additionally, the students can opt for any optional Subject and the fee for each optional is Rs. 12,999/- plus GST.

The Optional Subjects offered are- History, Psychology, Geography, English, Political Science, Anthropology.

To ensure transparency in transaction, we prefer payments to be made only through A/C Payee cheque, NEFT/IMPS or UPI (Google Pay/ Paytm/PhonePe). We discourage any cash transaction except under extraordinary circumstances. The account details can be obtained from the Academy.

It is worth reiterating that, even though the actual classes will be for a duration of nine months, students can take the benefits of being associated with the coaching center for a period of two years. So, even when the stipulated classes for a certain batch end, interested students can attend classes of the next session without paying any additional charges. The package cost includes every service provided during the span of two years.

Further, to ensure maximum transparency, we appreciate you to pay in Account payee cheques or through NEFT. You can also pay by using UPI applications like Google Pay or Paytm.

We do not appreciate payment in installments. However, in extreme cases, installment payment may be considered.


We have two fully air-conditioned classrooms with state-of-the-art facilities like sound-proof arrangements to ensure maximum attention during the classes, high-definition address system and audio setups so that the students can attend the classes without any disturbances, smart-class concept to enable the students to attend classes of eminent scholars, renowned officers of different distinguished services in a virtual mode. Additionally, there are attached washrooms (separate for girls and boys) to freshen up in periodic intervals. There will be UHD smart television where periodically students will be shown motivational videos, movies and documentaries to keep their spirit high. Fortnightly, the students can enjoy recommended movies in the giant screen television on a given day. Moreover, periodically Yoga classes will be arranged so that the interested students can seek help of meditation and other age-old technics to enhance their concentration.

From the front desk Executive, the students can ask for any assistance during the course. There will be a notice board displayed at a prominent location of the building from which the students can find out important notices on their classes, routines or information about the upcoming examinations. There will be a band of other employees who will be always ready to offer any kind of services related to their study during the course of the day.

The students can access numerous books in the library and can prepare their notes there by consulting several reference books or by accessing the internet database. It may be noted that access of any social media platform inside the academy is prohibited during the class hours. Students are also advised not to use social media too much during their entire course of preparation.

The students can approach the Directors in case of any emergency, and they can seek their guidance in finding out practicable solutions to their problems.

The entire academy is covered under CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety and security of the students and to prevent any untoward incidents.

Even though at present we are not directly providing any hostel facility, in future, we aspire to have courses with residential facilities. Further, students from faraway places are aided in finding accommodation at reasonable costs in the nearby places.


We do not boast of any promises that we cannot keep. In any academy of excellence, the main area of concern is the faculty. We have hired professionals with years of experience in mentoring students and preparing them for the challenges of competitive examinations.  Our faculty includes an experienced pool of teachers from different walks of life. Some of them are specialists of imparting education in the competitive fields, some of them are experienced teachers of reputed colleges/schools, some are professionals of different fields with personal experiences of clearing different examinations. Our guest faculty includes experienced bureaucrats, personalities of eminence, speakers of the highest caliber.

‘Right mentor with the Right Attitude at the Right Environment under Right Management’

‘Gurukul’ System of Learning

We believe in the age-old concept of Gurukul system of education where our teachers are our ‘Gurus’ and the students are the disciples or ‘Shishyas’. In the system, we extract the best from a student and instill confidence in them by inculcating the values of sacrifice, discipline, determination, hard work, perseverance and empathy. Our teachers believe in the principle of excellence through abstinence and students are groomed and nurtured in a caring environment, where trust holds supreme value and performance is preferred to profit.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Even though we strictly follow the routine already provided, in case of any exigency, the authority holds the right to alter the classes without affecting the study module.
  2. In case of any extreme deviation on part of the student especially on moral grounds, we reserve the right to expel her/him without any explanation and in such scenario, no refund will be provided.
  3. In case of any unscrupulous activity caught in the library or elsewhere, there shall be penalty of Rs.5000/- straight without paying which the student shall not be allowed to join any further classes.
  4. Every day the student has to mandatorily bring the smart identity card provided to them and register their biometric attendance by swiping the card. 
  5. Usage of mobile phones within the class is strictly prohibited. The mobile must be kept in silent/off/flight mode. If any student is found recording the classes, a straightforward penalty of Rs.2000/- shall be imposed and the mobile phone may be taken away.
  6. The authority is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings including cash of the students. The students must be utmost careful in carrying their own goods.
  7. The fees paid are non-refundable and under no circumstances, the authorities are liable to pay back the fees.

Happy Learning!

Team Adhyayan Academy

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