Released on the 15th August 2018, the book ‘Make It BIG- Cracking Government Interviews In Corporate Style’ became an instant bestseller on Amazon. Without any formal marketing, the book became the first of its kind in Bengal to sell over 10,000 copies in a period spanning less than a year due to the outstanding word of mouth and its simple and lucid manner of enlightening every aspect of the Government interviews. The book has now become an essential part of an aspirant’s collection to clear any Government jobs. It can be availed at the following places

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Some testimonials of the book-

” I have read many books on how to crack interviews. But this is perhaps the first time we are getting an authentic material written by a topper himself. The language is lucid, the examples are superb and the motivational octane is of the supreme height. This is a must-buy for anyone who is appearing in any sort of interview. Besides, this book will motivate any person who has lost his goal in life. 5 out of 5. Superb!!! A must-read. Highly recommended.Great job, Mr.Nag. I am going to recommend this to all my students. You are now an acclaimed author with a bestseller in the debut book itself “- Sharad Sinha, New Delhi

” Written in simple and lucid language, MAKE IT BIG is not only a book, it’s a pep talk, when everybody around you is belittling your efforts and endeavors, when you’re on the verge of losing all your hopes and start having doubts about your own credibility and potentials, it’s as though Saptarshi Nag himself has come to your rescue through this book! 
Even if you’re not an aspirant, you’re just having a tough time, this book is for you! The book is for every other individual under the sun… You needn’t read the book, you can converse with the book, you can vent your emotion on this book! 
Thanks to the writer who seems to have spent a lot of energy and time for the betterment of the young minds and the entire society “- Writt Chakroborty, Kolkata

” Today I received the book and I read only the Preface and took glimpses of some of the pages. Now what I must say is that Sir you will probably write many books in the days to come but this book #MakeItBig… will remain to be your #MagnumOpus…A must buy for every civil servant aspirant ” – Sudip Karmakar, Dhanbad

” Really awaited book by our beloved Saptarshi sir…. simply it’s awesome, this book is most important especially for civil service aspirants ….not only civil service interview but also for any kind of job interview which has to be faced by us in our life…😍😍😍😍…I want to give my heart and soul thanks to Saptarshi sir for his such type of inspirational work.”- Supriyo Das, Howrah

” This Book seems to me like a ‘pregnable’ punch from Apollo Creed and as if I could hear the jingling bell of fight-back what would bring me back the required impregnability at the same moment. ” -Arnab De, Burdwan

” It is very easy to add the words W.B.C.S. ASPIRANT after our name but the word ASPIRANT will be removed and the only W.B.C.S will remain after our name or not depends on the interview board lastly. As soon as we clear the prelim. and mains, we need to face the interview but – What would be asked by them? How they ask? is not a common thing that people can suggest easily but there is a way to prepare ourselves in such a way that we would be strong enough on the day of our interview to answer confidently as per our capability and knowledge. As far as I am concerned, this book will help us to get that level of confidence and knowledge before entering the door of the interview room on that day and Mr. Saptarshi Nag’s contribution towards the whole thing like channel, books and all are like passing of knowledge onto the next generation in a way that they too can pass on that knowledge and experiences without any condition. ” Sourav Mitra, Nadia

” It is not over until the final ball is bowled or the final whistle is blown. A last-ball six or a goal conceded in the dying seconds can shatter hopes and nullify all the work done till then. Similar is the job interview where one reaches after overcoming the two-tier written exams competing with lakhs. The final hurdle and beyond it lies a solution to many of life’s problems not only his own but to the whole lot of people that he serves from his position. However, this final hurdle becomes too tough for many. Unaware and unable to avail oneself of the proper guidance about the various aspects of different govt job interviews, a candidate finds himself slipping in the quicksand when he/she faces the interview board. For any aspirant, the interview can become the too high wall to climb irrespective of his/her knowledge and that is where this book Make It Big becomes very very important. There aren’t probably many books specifically dealing with cracking the interview available in the market. I believe this book will be extremely fruitful for the WBCS aspirants like us and even other job interviews and justifying its title will enable us to make it big in life. Since the author is himself an executive officer and topper in the state civil services, his experiences, and insights about how to tackle the interview board will be an asset for the aspirants and help them overcome the final hurdle. “- Jyotirmoy Mondol, Maldah

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