Lost in Space, the Netflix Reboot- Complete Review

The renewed Lost in Space by Netflix is a visual treat and even though it is targeted towards the kids and the teens, it succeeds to entertain their parents as well. Based on the Robinson family’s adventure into the space and their emotional bonding, this Netflix reboot of the classic version of the series of the same name is a roller coaster ride of thrills, emotions, and adventure.

The story of the series by now is well known. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the Robinsons, a family of space colonists, crash-land on an unknown planet. Now, they must fight for survival and escape, despite the dangers surrounding them. So far, the first two seasons are available and even though there is a huge uproar over the release of the next season, Lost in Space Season three is still uncertain because of the ever-growing budget of the series.

One of the most fascinating parts of this visually stunning show is the relation between the kid Will and the Robot. “Danger, Will Robinson!”- is the most loved dialogue of the series. The Robot forms a very important part of the storyline and its progress. There are indeed some brilliant moments between the Robot and the Robinson kids. The scene where little Will and his father build a monument with the Robot looking helplessly is one of the winning moments of the series. In the first season, the show stays alive throughout because of the charismatic presence of the Robot. However, it was in the second season, the pace gets slowed down in its absence. The reappearance of the Robot appeared forced and unplanned. Scarecrow does not add any new dimensions to the plot.

The Robinsons have been portrayed as a family in complete love and respect for each other even though the family is in disarray because of the dangers lurking around and because of their individual eccentricities. But at the end of the day, you love them all. Some of the characters of the family initially are portrayed as a bit annoying but as the series progresses, you start rooting for the Robinsons. Each of them has acted brilliantly and Maxwell Jenkins as young Will deserves special mention. Molly Parker as Maureen, Toby Stephens as John, Taylor Russel as Judy, Mina Sundwall as Penny all are lovable. “There is a rule that is written in stone and it is never broken: the Robinsons stick together “- the punchline of the series clearly draws the nucleus of the show. The scene where Maureen tries to convince John of the necessity to relocate to another place from their safe house on the watery planet is magical.

The character of Dr. Smith a master manipulator with an inscrutable end game is hard to believe because of its undulations throughout. Parker Posey in the role is brilliant though. Ignacio Sericchio as the vivacious Don West is lovable. He and his chicken provide the necessary comical interludes. The rest of the cast do justice to their not so meaningful roles.

It would be foolish to believe in the scientific theories established in the series. It is not even the most profound story of the deepest characters. In fact, in many places, more detailed scrutiny of the plot should have been done and they should have hired better writers to keep the plot more attractive, believable, and acceptable. It is just to be taken as a fun ride and nothing else. The most beautiful aspect of the show is its visually stunning cinematography and the breathtakingly beautiful VFX, particularly in the first season. The second season drags more than the desired period of patience and it interrupts the pace. The outdoors in the second season get monotonous, too.

Overall, this is in no way a remarkable achievement of the makers yet it keeps you entertained throughout because of its characters, VFX, dialogues, and the Robot.

My rating – 6.5 out of 10

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