List of My Favorite Movies- Part 2

Hope you have already the first part of this series. Let’s start discussing today’s list of five more movies.

The Abyss (1989) – This beautiful yet less known movie is a gem from the master director James Cameron in his early days. The buildup is long, claustrophobic, and scary but once the plot is developed, the movie becomes an amazing entertainer. This is indeed science fiction in its pristine glory. The cinematography is the movie’s USP and no wonder it had bagged an Oscar for its breathtaking visual effects. The plot is simple. A civilian diving team is hired to search for a lost nuclear submarine. The events that follow and the strange incidents they encounter under the sea is the subject material of the movie. This is one of the finest alien movies ever made in Hollywood, yet it is underrated and does not always get the appreciation that it deserves. In my opinion, it is much better than many of the alien movies made later. A must-watch for everyone.   

Citizen X (1995) – This is another underrated crime thriller that has been long forgotten. In fact, this classic movie was released on HBO as a TV Movie and it did not have a theatre release. But that no way takes away the class it offers. The movie based on true events, set in the USSR during the headstrong Communist regime traces how a serial killer was let Scot-Free by the callousness of the Soviet authorities and he is on a killing spree over the years. The situation became so worse that even the FBI was ready to offer help which was of course denied by the Communists. Finally, how the killer is caught after the fall of the USSR forms the climax of the movie. Laden with extraordinary performances from the likes of Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland, and Jeffrey DeMunn, this gripping thriller has become a timeless classic over the years. This will always remain in a very high position in my recommended list of thriller movies.

Eight Below (2006)- Brutal weather forces two Antarctic explorers to leave their pack of sled dogs behind. How the dogs survive the inclement weather for the months to follow is the storyline of this brilliant Disney adaptation of Antarctica (1983), a popular Japanese movie by Koreyoshi Kurahara. The story is gripping, heartwarming. The cinematography is jaw-dropping and by the end of the movie, it is literally difficult to keep your eyes dry. You will fall in love with the dogs. Paul Walker as Jerry Shephard is brilliant and loving. This is tailor-made to be enjoyed with the entire family during a festive season.

Phone Booth (2002)- This is not a masterclass movie by any means. But still, I have kept this in the list of my favorite movies just because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the movie. In fact, the short run time of the movie (Just 81 minutes) makes it an even more enjoyable ride. Colin Ferrell as the protagonist trapped inside a phone both embroiled by his conscience and keeping his name and fame intact is stupendous. It’s definitely a joyride and in a way a tale of redemption where truth prevails over success, family is more important than mere illusions. Forrest Whitaker, Radha Mitchell, Katie Holmes all manage decent jobs. The overpowering presence of Keifer Sutherland as just the voice on the other side of the telephone is ominous and keeps the tension alive. Watch it to be entertained, watch it if you value your time.

Nebraska (2013)– If you love watching slow-paced movies, which takes time to develop and gradually leaves you glued to your seat, for the surreality, for the subtlety and an unscathed charm, Nebraska is your kind of movie. I am generally not an avid watcher of the Avengers kind, to tell you the truth. Dramas filled with a motley of hidden emotions, where I can correlate myself, entice me more. That is why I still wonder why I waited so long to watch a gem like Nebraska.

The plot is simple- Woodrow Grant, an alcoholic, embarks on a road trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, with his estranged son, David, to claim a $1 million prize. During their trip, David uncovers his father’s emotional side. There are a number of important characters who in spite of their little screen time, add to the glory of the masterpiece. The cantankerous wife of Woodrow is a charm to watch. She is always complaining about her husband. But when the world goes against the old man, she stands firmly in the defense of her husband. The cousins of David are hilarious to watch. Peg Nagy, the former lover of Woodrow is a joy to watch.

The movie has been shot in Black and White to show the monotonous Nebraska country life. Miles of farmlands, simplicity of lifestyle, absence of abundance everything has been shot so beautifully and the road trip of the father and the son actually transports you to the original locales. The background score is mystic and like the film itself, poignant at times, and spirited mostly.

The real show-stealer is Bruce Dern as the alcoholic Woodrow Grant who lost to Matthew McConaughey of Dallas Buyers Club in the 2014 Oscar Best Actor Category. Boy! What a performer he is. Probably he gave his career-best performance in this heart-winning drama. Will Forte as David, a reticent man with a heart of gold is perfectly cast and delivers an underrated yet a power pact performance. June Squibb as Kate Grant, Woodrow’s wife is as I already mentioned a charm indeed.

Nebraska has its heart in the right place. It’s a beautifully crafted soul-touching movie that will not leave you long after you have finished watching it. The climax is the real winner, which I am sure will leave your eyes moistened in joy, pride, and a feeling of redemption. Do not miss this movie. If you love this genre, this movie is definitely going to find a spot on your all-time favorite list. A masterpiece in the truest sense by the master director Alexander Payne.

To be continued…

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