‘K-PAX’- The Best Alien Movie?

I don’t know. Just,just I don’t know if it is the best.There have been plenty.E.T, Contact,even Cameron’s Aliens are some of the best.Forget about the planet of X,Y,Z.Till, till the time I watched this masterpiece. It is devoid of some gun power, if you are into that thing for an alien movie.Its devoid of scenes where a giant alien is hovering over L.A and the US Air force is trying to bring it down.You are not going to find a skimpily clad fallen angel here.But what you are going to have is worth of a lifetime.An alien.Pun intended. An alien who is going back to his own planet.And before that he needs to finish a Herculean task of changing human psychology of how you take your things.May be a doctor- patient,a wife-husband, a son-father or may be even inter-inmates- relationship – this film cleverly did not distinguish any human distinctions or any boundaries just the way our Prot did not know about any relation, families or even boundaries back home.There are no thrilling stunts, there are no aerial adventures, still it gets you clung to to your seat while you watch it just because it remained correct in one thing-there is still time to rectify the human errs, there is still scopes to make amends for the follies we make in our daily lives.We do not get to see what the people of K-Pax are like, but we realize what magic can human emotions do.

Do we really need to be reminded of what the protagonists are capable of? Haven’t we watched the American Beauty or the Crazy Heart? We know by now what Kevin Spacey or Jeff Bridges can deliver.Something unearthly beautiful when their skills are so beautifully portrayed on screen.And if those merge? Bingo…So here we go.See the fire powers together in the same frame while you hail Mr.Iain Softley for making this brilliant movie.

Emotional,power packed,humane- K-PAX is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime…

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