Important Announcement- PSC MISC. & IDO Interviews

As of now, I have received more than 900 applications for guidance regarding PSC Misc and IDO interviews. This is an overwhelming response. This is perhaps the love and trust our beloved channel has earned over the last couple of years. Till now, I have personally guided more than 25 candidates over telephonic conversations. More candidates have been intimated about the schedule of the guidance sessions. Nearly 80% of the candidates have been informed about the slots through e-mail. If you have not received any notification, do not worry. Your slot will come in the next few weekends and you will be notified through e-mail. If you do not receive any mail till 10/07/2020, please send another mail to revalidate your access. Those who have got their slots this weekend, please note that during those hours all the candidates will be calling. So you may get the line busy. If by any chance you can not get through, please call on Sunday. Remember, the sessions will not be in operations on any other day. And if you, by any chance miss the slot, please send a mail with details to

Please note that the entire guidance program is absolutely free of cost. I provide this service as a part of my social commitment. I am trying my best to help a whole generation in Bengal to reach their dreams and I strongly believe that education or training should be as much free of cost as possible. Dreams do not cost a penny and Saptarshi Nag will always be there to help you reach your destination. All you need is sincerity, honesty and hard work.

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