I  Have Been Posted As SDO, Islampur

I have just joined as SDO, Islampur, Uttar Dinajpur. This is my first SDO posting. I joined the service in March, 2008. So I got the posting of Sub Divisional Officer after almost twelve and half years in the service, one and half of which were spent as a probationer. I am overwhelmed with the wishes I have received since my joining here. It is indeed a challenging posting, but with so much of good wishes of the people, I sincerely hope to overcome the challenges. Thank you, all.

I reckon it as an honour to serve the people of Islampur, which has a very prominent place in the map of West Bengal and India due to its geographical, geo-political and socio-economic significances. On 21 March 1959, the subdivision of Islampur was inaugurated by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, Chief Minister of West Bengal, at the administrative building of the S.D.O, Islampur. The sub division has 5 blocks, two municipalities (Islampur and Dalkhola) and 5 assembly constituencies, making it one of the largest sub divisions in North Bengal. The blocks are Islampur, Chopra, Goalpokher I, Goalpokher II and Karandighi. There are six police stations namely Islampur, Chopra, Goalpokher, Chakulia, Karndighi and Dalkhola. It borders with Bangladesh and Bihar. There are total 59 gram panchayats under the sub division.

And I still miss my earlier place, Siliguri. I am indebted to the people of Siliguri for showering so much love during my stint there. I spent a little more than seven years in different capacities in Siliguri, first as Deputy Magistrate, then District Project Officer, Sarva Shiksha Mission and District Youth Officer and then as Secretary, Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

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  1. Go ahead sir. Many Many happy wishes for you. You are my role model sir. Really it is a great inspiration sir.

    Love and respect for you❤️.
    God bless you sir.

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