‘Greyhound’ Review- Tom Hanks is back in form!

Greyhound is astonishingly fast-paced and intense. It’s so good to get Tom Hanks back to his pristine form after a brief hiatus. The Post merely belonged to him. The story of how a US Navy Captain leads an allied convoy which is being targeted by a pack of Nazi U-Boats from America to London in the middle of WWII is the story of this thriller. The runtime is barely one hour and twenty minutes which makes the watch even more enjoyable. There are scenes where you will literally be shell shocked and soon there will be moments when you will start clapping. Tom Hanks does a brilliant job as Captain Krause. He is also the screenplay writer and does a brilliant job to present a tight and gripping screenplay. The actors do good jobs even though they did not have to do much. It was the job of Mr.Hanks to carry this movie on his able shoulders and he delivers a subtle yet powerful performance, one that will be remembered for long.

The dialogues were a bit monotonous and you really do not expect corny ones in a war movie like this. The music at times sounds much similar to that of the theme music of ‘Dark’. The character development is one area where some improvements could be made. The story of the captain and his love interest was half baked and looks redundant. The attempt to create a bond between the captain and the butler was weak. However, the fast pace and brilliant visuals easily make amends for such cons, and you are left with a wonderful meal on your platter. The scene where two torpedoes come to attack Greyhound was breathtaking. Overall this was a wonderful movie experience. Finally, a good ship to hit the sea of OTT platform amidst a plethora of soulless offerings.

My Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Available on – Apple TV

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