Four Golden Principles of Being Satisfied With Life

By this time, most of my followers know that my wife Debalina resigned from her lucrative WBCS job to chase her dreams. But many are still unaware of the backend stories of the bold decision. Maybe years down the line, this will become an inspiration for the future generations when they plan to step into some uncharted territories.

When she shared her idea that she would start an institution to groom talents , I had immediately rejected the idea. ‘No, never. That world is full of mess. Don’t go there’- that was my initial reaction. And she promptly replied, ‘That is the only reason I want to be there. To clear the mess being a part of it’. I was impressed at once. And asked her about her vision. She had so many lofty ideals on her mind. I was chuckling while I was giving a patient hearing to her dreams. She had plans like nurturing students as her own children, keeping a very low price of each course, bringing some changes in the system. I was not satisfied with the vision. ‘You have quit your job. There will not be any money flow here onward in your account. How will you sustain on your own?’ I did not mention the possibility that if something happens to me, what will she do with her life and our two kids. Being prodigal, we really have paltry savings and those are still not enough to give her that support in the worst case I was apprehensive about.

‘There has never been a free lunch. Don’t start a charity. People will never understand your lofty ideals but if anything goes wrong they will not miss an opportunity to slam. Haven’t you learnt from my experiences?’- that was my terse reply. Since then I have seen some changes in her attitude in giving free lunches. But even now whenever she shares with me the story of how she helped a needy kid in pursuing his or her dreams, I see sparkle in her eyes. And the frequency of this is increasing gradually .

When she finally embarked on her journey, she was literally begging me for a few Guru Mantras. I have seen this segment from very close being mentor to thousands and her idea was that there could be none but me to guide her in the best possible direction. Something came on my mind. She has quit her job just to become independent. And if I start meddling in her ambitions, will she enjoy that freedom of being the ruler of her own life? So I maintained silence for a while and told her four mantras. Not for being successful in the field she was entering. Not for the material prosperity. Those who know me from very close would vouch for the fact that I had abandoned the idea of prosperity long back.

So here were my final words of wisdom to her. Golden principles of being satisfied. Satisfaction is often the destination success chases but cannot reach always.

1) Never criticize any other institution. Be the change. You may face criticism from every corner. But you never criticize others. Everyone is actually working hard to raise a family. Do not ever criticize their efforts.
2) Never boast of your own achievements. Achievement is the biggest illusion of life. It may not last forever. Today’s king may turn a pauper tomorrow if he does not care about the subjects he rules. Future is an enigma and never play with it by boasting of your present.
3) Never play with the emotions of those who seek help from you. They have nowhere else to go and that is why they came to you. My journey in civil service has taught me this wonderful lesson. Always empathize with them. Always be honest. Always keep your spine straight. Always be the change you wanted to see in the world. In fact, the tagline ‘Be the Change’ came from that Gandhian thought only.
4) Accept your mistakes publicly. Be proud of your mistakes. You committed mistakes because you had the genuine intention of working harder than others.

I sincerely believe that she will follow those golden rules of being satisfied. Seeing how she is managing her new life and also the family ( the kids, my parents, her parents and the senior citizens are all in ailing conditions) in a perfect way while I am a few hundred miles away from her, gives me that strong belief that only she can do that. She can be the motivational speaker which I aspired to be but maybe I could not. She can bring the change which I dreamt of but never could do.

Best wishes. Be the Change…

And now, even I am dreaming of meeting the person you have always idolized, Sudha Murthy madam. Without her, we could never have one Mr. Narayan Murthy.

Oh yes, as part of the job of a dutiful husband of a beautiful wife, I am sharing her app download link. You may find it useful.

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