Extraction Review- Life is too short to watch such bad movies

You never expect one ‘Marriage Story’ from the Russo brothers. This is a truth. Another truth is the whole Avengers series has literally murdered the careers of a number of stars. Scarlett Johansson may be an exception. The role of Chris Evans in Knives Out could be played by anyone, as the story and screenplay both were so tight and there were plenty of powerful actors to sail the boat. Extraction is another sad tale of how you play with the expectation of the common people after a gargantuan success like the Avengers. Chris Hemsworth has been portrayed as a mercenary who has literally killed more than a thousand soldiers in this movie. Was it that necessary to forget every logic while making an action film? If you have ample time in your hand and your Netflix subscription has been lying unused for a month, you may watch this. But never watch this piece of … with any expectation. Because that is not going to be fulfilled. No plot, no screenplay, no meaningful dialogue- this movie literally offers nothing. Even the sets look pathetic. Do yourself a favor, stay away. Very, very, very bad movie.\

The review was written in April, 2020

Available on Netflix

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