Embracing Negativity for a Better Life

Embracing negativity to attract positivity? Does not it sound weird at first? Hang on, let me explain what I am into. Negativity is one aspect of life we cannot shy away from. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible not to allow negativity in life. In today’s fast-changing world, with the fast-evolving ideals and aspirations of the people, it is nearly impossible not to face negativity at one point of life. You may blame the increasing influence of social media or the diminishing level of tolerance in general, negativity in some way or other will definitely intrude into your life. So, if you are to believe that you are going to have a life with rosy thoughts, no incumbrances, you are probably fooling yourself. Then what is the way to stay sane amidst such unwanted prying of negativity into our lives? I have personally experienced that allowing negativity for a certain duration every day is a wonderful way to vent negative vibes trying to make inroads into our peace of mind. How to do it? It is rather very simple. Every day take a particular time out of your schedule to give priority to only negative thoughts. It may be called Negative Thoughts Time (NTT). You have to be very specific about selecting this time. It may be in the early morning, in the afternoon, evening, or even late at night. Scientifically it is better to select the period in the evenings when things tend to cool off after a hectic day’s works. The ambience has to be completely peaceful. There should not be any clamor around. You must not indulge in any other activity. Rather, you must focus on the negative thoughts which have been trying to disrupt your peace of mind throughout the day but have been kept away consciously by you with a strict instruction to come back only when you open the door for them. Such negative thoughts may be of hundreds of kinds. You may have the thought of experiencing an earthquake that will destroy the world. You may fear of being bankrupt the next day. You may think of failing the examination you are going to take the next day. You may apprehend having a breakup with your partner the very next moment. Whatever may be the thought, it has to be only negative. Fear for the worst. Think of the ugliest nightmares you ever had. This way you are welcoming those thoughts during that particular period and closing the door for such negative thoughts for the rest of the day. Remember, this period of negativity must not be less than five minutes. It must not exceed fifteen minutes either. If the duration is too small, there may be some unattended negativity. If the duration is too long, it may leave a stronger impact on your mind and the basic purpose of such a novel idea may be wasted. By dint of practicing such a disciplined method of allowing negativity within a specific period of time through such NTT, you are practically purgating your negativity which has been trying too hard to engulf your entire day. Initially, this method may appear to be punishing. You may deviate while harboring such negative thoughts. But gradually this will teach you to have control over your thinking process. You need to continue this for at least twenty-one days consciously. After that, you will become the master of your own thought process. You will be able to screen the negatives out of the millions of thoughts coming to capture your mind. And once you successfully master the process, negativity will stay within you yet will not manifest its monstrous looks. This way you are actually embracing negativity to pave the way for positivity. So, start practicing NTT right from today and experience the magical results soon.

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  1. Mind can produce millions of thoughts as it is not confined to some extent as long as our thought process will be, the negativity and positivity is on at par. There are some gruesome situations that come in our life are unavoidable but can only be handled by sensible responses because the moment we are going to face is not in our hand but the action by which we can face so it absolutely an impossible to overcome negativity unless we understand the process how it works some negative thoughts are good we it dig out us from it positivity to understand real purpose of life.

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