‘Chaman Bahar’ Review

Well, the presence of Jitendra Kumar was not the only reason I watched this movie. In fact, I quite enjoy such small movies with lesser known star cast believing some of them would make it big someday and I would be the one to witness the journey from shambles. The good thing about watching such movies is that you do not have much expectation and if somehow the content is good, you have reasons to be exuberant. Chaman Bahar is no exception. It is a small budget movie made without any big ambitions. The lack of ambition of the makers was evident in each frame of the movie.

Jitendra Kumar repeats his performance in Panchayat. I really mean it. He has very limited stock of expressions and cannot actually go beyond that. At times those become cliched and you no longer enjoy his acting. He is still a very young man and I believe with the passage of time , he will gradually learn the nuances. The rest of the cast does nothing more than doing their jobs. The plot is simple and at times appears to be hastily completed due to lockdown. Certain scenes like the bear scene or the panshop cartoon scene do not look original at all.

The only side where the movie shines is its soulful music. The folk styles have been used brilliantly throughout the movie. Overall, an average movie which can be easily skipped.

My rating- 5 out of 10

Available on – Netflix

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