‘Carol’-  The Best a Woman Can Get

In a world where the Avengers rule, a true movie buff always pines for something earthly, something that transports him to a world where true feelings matter more than VFX driven heroism. ‘Carol’ directed by Todd Haynes is something that quenched my thirst for a well crafted movie, something beyond VFX, jingoism or the haughty Hollywood machoism.

As do the songs played on the gramophone in the background, ‘Carol’ smoothens your soul, takes you to a world where pure love touches the beloved more than professionalism, the way of life dictated by the society. And if those moments of craziness are portrayed by my favorite Cate Blanchett, Bingo ! I truly feel for Cate for missing the chance to kiss the Holy grail of movies, as it was the year when my another favorite Julianne Moore had bagged the Oscar for the Best Actress Award for Still Alice, a movie which was able to portray the pangs of the Alzheimer patients in a way never depicted on the silver screen. Thankfully Ms. Blanchett has already won two Oscars. And I just love this lady on screen. Be it the Aviator or Blue Jasmine or her iconic role as the Queen Elizabeth, she is an epitome of class, beauty, serenity and whatever you desire in a lady belonging to that class. She is amazing !
Rooney Mara who has often been overlooked at the award ceremonies but truly deserves a day of her own, is another highlight of this uplifting movie. Since ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, she has never failed to amaze me with her brilliance and radiance. Be it ‘Lion’, or ‘Nightmare Alley’ or even ‘Side Effects’, she continues to mesmerize me with her nuanced performances and those simple smiles always.

The brilliance of ‘Carol’ lies in how these two lead actresses accomplish one of their career best performances. Their little romance, their moments of magic, their true love for each other make us remind how we still escape one word that defines the world ‘Love’. The cinematography in their intimate moments is magical and may make you question why this masterpiece did not win a single Academy Award even after winning so many nominations.

The direction is amazing, especially in the scenes of interactions between Therese and Carol. Everything in the movie is restrained and comes with regulated doses. So don’t look for any scene to please your senses other than your aestheticism. Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler do wonderful jobs as well. The shots make the sets are set in an older period and those are truly credible.

Overall, ‘Carol’ is something that makes you believe in love , the power of it. I had similar goosebumps after watching ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ or the mushy ‘A Walk To Remember’. Watch it if you still believe that true love exists. Watch it for the radiance of Cate Blanchett. Watch it for the ever pleasing Rooney Mara. Watch it if gender bias does not stop for applauding a movie which truly celebrates love.

A true triumph in every sense of moviemaking, love and redemption.

My rating- 8.5 out of 10

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