‘Bhaukaal’ Review- Don’t let your soul be tortured

There is no free lunch today. But ‘Bhaukaal’ is free, free, free. And this fact alone aroused my suspicion about the quality of the production, even though I had high hopes on it because I have been constantly getting requests to review it and because it is based on the early career of a very successful IPS officer Navniet Sekara, now the IG, Uttar Pradesh. And that hope let me download the MX Player TV on my android television. The journey to the access of the series was tiresome because of the luring images of other contents constantly distracting my focus. Where the hell was I? A channel with contents not to be opened in the broad daylight! Pun intended. Finally, I struggled my way through to the destination. The hopes had already started dousing. A cop show on an adult tv platform! Must be a ploy to avert future censures. And then I started my journey through the life of Mr. Sekara. And boy! What a torture it was! It reminded me of the series of Mithun Chakroborty movies made in the 90s. No requirement of any character development, no attention in dialogue writing, no focus in plot formation. The sole goal is to glorify a cop, that too a real life one. The sets were cheap, the sound mixing pathetic, acting horrible. If you truly believe in the fairy tale that something good happens for free in life, go and watch this show to be taught a valuable life lesson. There is no free lunch. I was brutally tortured with that Utopian thought for two long hours and four episodes of the series till I finally learnt the lesson and decided to liberate myself of the pathos of being party to a horrific show like this. I closed the app, deleted it and promised never to download the app again. Because of my profession, I have to deal with the cops regularly and I know how foolish the makers were not to do even one page of research on the cops rather than watching a few of Mithunda;s movies, Singham and Gangajal, before they started filming a series based on a real life cop. Brutally torturous, Bhaukaal is a gruesome murder of truth, art and entertainment. If I review any more aspects of it, I may never make amends for the sins aggregated by doing it.

Available on MX Player TV
My rating 1.5 out of 10.

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2 thoughts on “‘Bhaukaal’ Review- Don’t let your soul be tortured

  1. Sir, I am thoroughly enjoying your reviews.I have a request for you, please review some anime. Lot of millenniels including me are fascinated by japanese mangas and anime. I would love to hear your take on animes like death note or Akira(1988).

    1. The picture our mind makes is stronger than what we see through our eyes.This is the case of Audible suno.There is various episodes going on there.One of my favourite series is chuppe saaya,a story adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s story The phantom Rikshaw.Very thrilling.Sir I request you if you make some review on it.Thank you.

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