‘Gulabo Sitabo’ Review- A Tale of Too Many Losers

Gulabo Sitabo offers nothing but an excellent cast wasted in an aimless storytelling effort. What started as a gentle breeze in the first half an hour of the show, does not bring a soothing shower as you play with your patience. What it could be completely overshadows what it is and that leaves you perplexed as the end credit starts rolling.

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, this dark comedy has an excellent ensembled cast with Big B and the new generation heartthrob Ayushmann Khurrana leading the pack. But unfortunately, they do not have anything special to do because of a lackluster script burdened by an unimaginative story. The acting looks contrived and make-up is over the top. Everyone appears to be trying too hard to justify their names. Looks like even the great Amitabh Bacchan was more concerned about a false nose and an artificial voice than minding his acting. He looks lost at times and at times appears to be too eager to earn bread and butter for his family. Ayushmann, too is patchy and looks disenchanted in the midway. Were the makers aware of an imminent pandemic? Everything seems to be done hurriedly. The break from Bollywood in the past years left unremovable rust on Vijay Raaz’s acting capacity and at times he is irritating. The humor was partly enjoyable but the overall despondence somehow steals the laughs. The twist towards the end was unacceptable, illogical and pungent.

Overall a very mediocre effort from an extremely talented director. Both Ayushmann and Bacchan will try to forget this as a decision hastily made for some quick bucks maybe. Shrishti Srivastava as the promiscuous Guddu is the only one who appears to be somewhat normal in this abysmally poor creation.

Overall rating- 4 out of 10

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