5 Types of Social Media Animals
  1. The Sniffers– They are like the undercover spies, following whatever has been happening around the world, without giving the world an iota of hint what they are actually doing. They keep a strict vigil on what their friend is doing, what the friend’s friend is doing, what the friend’s friend’s friend is doing. But this news is not going to change the foreign policy or economy of the country or ensure better border management. This is rather going to spice up the juicy discussions, the coffee tables. They are not normally bothered about any trending news or any viral videos. They are bothered about what Tim is up to, what Riya has cooked today, why Sheila unfriended Nawaz, where on body Maria got a piercing yesterday etc. They often use a fake profile like the undercover spies, adding a cloud of mystery around them, yet presenting scoop news of others’ lives to lighten up their chat sessions.
  2. The Monkeys– They are a common breed, available everywhere. From wedding ceremonies to funerals, from discos to hospitals. Whatever the situation is, whatever the surroundings are, they are just going to take the phone, press their lips, look amazingly happy for no reasons and take a selfie and in no time post it in the social media, as if thousands of fans are waiting for them to grace the web. They are the real believers of evolution theory. They prove tirelessly every day that humans have evolved from monkeys. And religiously they pay tribute to our ancestors. Normally their posts are carrying ‘taglines’ like ‘ Be Bold, Express Yourself’, ‘Love Yourself’, ‘ Attitude is Everything’. as if they are the pioneers of a revolution, they are the rebels all set to uproot an autocratic regime inflicting sufferings on millions. Ask them the name of the Governor of your state. They will take a selfie with you with the tagline’ Don’t mess with me’!
  3. The Cows– They are the most bovine ones. They are a holy breed. They religiously believe whatever is preached and credulously forward things without using a single particle of their grey cells. They are often seen forwarding messages like ‘ Forward this message to 20 people and something great is going to happen to you or else your life will be ruined’. They are obnoxiously superstitious and spoil the mood in your Facebook Home or WhatsApp Group. They are least bothered about the time, situation or mood. They need to forward the messages to get the amazing thing promised in the messages forwarded to them, without even understanding that through the encrypted codes in the messages, a group of people is actually earning in millions.
  4. The Pigeons– Another irritating sect of social media users. They disseminate knowledge for free and mostly spread hatred or propaganda. They are seen forwarding memes disrespecting a community or a leader or a country. They often are such big worshippers of their idols, they spread misinformation glorifying their hero. They do not even bother to spend a single moment to verify the veracity of the news they are forwarding. They often kill people through WhatsApp messages. They are actually a dangerous breed. They contaminate the social media environment through their ignorance, beliefs, and lack of self-respect. Forget about respecting others! In fact, a new kind of graphics business has reached its profit-making peak because of this kind of people. Once you react to their posts, they will term you liberal and gather people of their level and will question the worth of your existence or sanity. The world would be a better place without even these people.
  5. The Parrots– They are a pain in the a.., too, even though they are not harmful like the previous category. In fact, very often they irritate without even knowing that they are irritating. They are seen sending good morning, good afternoon, good night wishes. They don’t bother even if you are having a pathetic morning. They don’t care even if you are having a nightmare. They are least worried even if you are having the worst day of your life. They will send you wishes. I wonder how many of these people actually come to stand beside you when you need them. But they are not even perturbed by what you need. They are just born to forward wishes with a picture of a snow-clad mountain or horses or a calm, cozy night.

Use social media to enlighten yourself and share your enlightenment with others. Be a responsible user, not an irritating creature. Use it as a platform to help others live, love and laugh. If you belong to any of the categories, change your perspective. The world will be a better place to live. For you and for others, too. Be an influencer. Be the change you want to see.

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3 thoughts on “5 Types of Social Media Animals

  1. It’s an incredible observation. And great sence of humor.
    Just amazing..
    I observe it,but not this analytical way.
    Thank you Sir

  2. sir what a sense of humour!!! I was just laughing ceaselessly.While reading I was just enjoying and taking fun.

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