5 Tricks to Boost the Growth of Your YouTube Channel

Let us come directly to the point. You are not earning money because you are not getting the desired traffic. Even though you have some quality videos in your kitty and you have posted the links in your social networks still you are not getting many views. So here we go on how to overcome the situation and divert traffic to your good channel.
1. Do not ever rush for posting in YouTube–  Many of us get a video and instantly upload it in YouTube and start refreshing our page to see how many views it has received. This is just absurd. Unless something miraculous happens, it is not possible for the algorithms on YouTube to connect to your video and start advertising for it. The Algorithms on YouTube have certain parameters and if you work to trigger it, only then it will get the necessary impetus to show your video. Suppose you have just uploaded a video on Cristiano Ronaldo with an attractive title and hoping that it will soon rock the channel because Ronaldo is an extremely popular figure. I can tell you that even if your video has excellent content on a super celebrity like Ronaldo, it may just die down just because search engines were not optimized to promote the video. So a few steps are there to follow

i) Go to the search button and start typing something similar to the content of your video.Suppose you are getting auto suggestions like Ronaldo best goals, Ronaldo best ever goal.Now you can pick any one of the titles. ii)Then come to the tags ( I repeat,come to the tags and not the description). Whatever suggestions you were getting in the search button while naming the video, use them as tags.iii) While writing the description, you must remember that it should be long so that it covers all the necessary tags you have included.Also write a powerful description full of terms related to your video so that the algorithms of YouTube can easily track the video.iv) Use an attractive thumbnail for the video so that whenever your video gets rank in the YouTube search with related keywords, people get lured to your video and watch it.I dont recommend very colorful thumbnails with many pictures in it.Make it sweet and simple with excellent color combination catchy enough to drag people to it.
2. Have a fixed time for releasing your video–  Once you have started growing some subscribers, remember one thumb rule.They should wait for your video. Suppose you have maximum visitors from India and you are uploading at a time when most of the people there sleep, do you believe your video will get noticed? And don’t forget, once it starts well it will go on doing well.So it it always advised to have a specific date and time for a video.Suppose you make it a rule that your video is released every Monday at 7 AM IST. So the ardent followers of your channel will definitely wait eagerly for your content on that day and time.
3.Interact with Your subscribers– It is very much required to earn the trust of your subscribers.Why should they trust you? Only because you upload good contents. So do not ever deviate from this policy that your sole aim is to cater to the demand of your subscribers and meet up their requirements. Suppose you have a sports channel and the videos have many comments.So go there and ask your subscribers directly in the reply section to the comments on what do they expect more from your channel.If possible get a day when you come live to discuss the plan of your channel.All these boost us better Subscriber ( I am not saying Customer!) Relation and your videos get promoted by word of the mouth.
4.Clever Promotion in Social Networks– Remember , people by default have some apathy to the video links provided in the social networks. Many of them believe those are Viruses. So you can not play with the popular emotion.Thus just posting a link of your video in a network does not always help.It may get some views but that is not going to do  anything good in the long run.So apart from having a trustworthy channel, you must grow a trustworthy social network profile as well so that your friends and followers have the faith in you that you can not post anything that is nonsense. So earn their faith by showing disciplined posts in your networks.And strategically post the links in your networking sites too at a particular date and time. Once the links get appreciated, try to acknowledge your friends for linking it and engage in the comments on how to improve your channel.
5.Using Cards, End screens to a popular video– Suppose your channel has 15 videos and out of which 4 videos are getting regular traffics whereas other videos have negligible views.Now simply go to your dashboard.Then go to the Edit section. Then go to End screen and Annotations’ . Now go to ‘Add Element’.Once you do so,you have options like promoting your channel, promoting a video or a playlist. Now you can select the time when the end screens appear and accordingly select the videos ( you can choose the less popular videos of your channel) there.You can have maximum 4 videos at the end-screen at the four corners of the screen.This will boost the less popular videos while your viewers watch the more popular videos.You can also add Card section to promote your videos( But personally I don’t find it very effective).

So this is it for today guys.

Courtesy: Hashtag Technology, Gangtok

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